Podcasting to reach IT Pros

Marketers are always looking for innovative channels to convey their advertising message.  New research conducted by KnowledgeStorm and Universal McCann state that B2B technology buyers are not only interested in new delivery channels but they are using them to gather information and make decisions.  27% of respondents said “Yes” when asked if podcasts have influenced their purchasing decision.

Through experience, I have seen successful podcasts give you the opportunity to:

– Speak directly to interested prospects
– Create buzz in the industry about your latest technology
– Enhance your brand
– Align your company with leading industry experts
– Generate high quality leads

What is your experience with incorporating podcasts into your marketing mix?

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  1. […] Peer networking is clearly here to stay in the consumer market (Fox just bet $580 million on it), but will we see this take off in the IT market anytime soon? P2P has been discussed for quite some time in IT, but has yet to be fully embraced. This is no surprise as IT marketing trends typically follow consumer trends (see podcasts), but the way decisions are made in the IT market (outside of publishers and search engines, we all know that IT people rely heavily on colleagues and peers) suggests a market that is ready for P2P sooner rather than later. […]

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