New Improvements to TechTarget’s Qualified Sales Opportunities Service Help Enterprise Technology Sales Teams Get More Appointments and Win More Deals

Updated purchase intent insight service identifies active in-market enterprise technology projects and provides sales teams with unique intelligence to drive immediate pipeline

Purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services company TechTarget, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTGT) today announced that it has further improved its best-selling IT Deal Alert Qualified Sales OpportunitiesTM service that provides account reports of verified technology purchases in-process, spanning more than 150 highly-targeted technology segments. Qualified Sales Opportunities feature in-depth project intelligence, including top purchase drivers, pain points, product feature criteria and vendors being considered, is derived from real buyers researching on TechTarget’s network and is 100% verified through direct contact with a member of the buying team (demand unit). New updates to the service provide enhanced CRM integration and more focused intelligence, coupled with better support and guidance for B2B technology sales teams on how to leverage purchase intent insight within the reports directly with customers and prospects.

Qualified Sales Opportunities specifically help sales teams increase their appointment rate and close more deals by:

  • Delivering unique info not available elsewhere – Reports include infrastructure details, deal requirements and purchase drivers, which is more than sales receives from BANT-qualified offerings.
  • Uncovering live deals sales teams were not previously exposed to – Complements/fills gaps in inbound and outbound marketing efforts to uncover new projects and contacts.
  • Speeding time to market – TechTarget does all the qualification work so sales reps can make the most of precious sales resources and time.

“The in-depth intelligence we are providing in reports is delivering the insight that enterprise technology sales teams need to improve success significantly,” said Andrew Briney, senior vice president, products for TechTarget. “Our clients are seeing dramatic results from these, including one top networking vendor who saw more than 50% of Qualified Sales Opportunities sent to channel partners convert to sale. The latest improvements we have made to this service will ensure that sales teams see continued success and increased productivity.”

TechTarget has made new enhancements to the service to focus on improving sales rep support and productivity:

  • Better CRM integration of report intelligence – The key drivers for purchase will now be integrated directly into CRM systems such as, so sales reps can leverage the purchase drivers at quick glance.
  • Reformatted purchase intelligence – PDF reports highlight key information sales reps need to quickly align the solution with the customer need.
  • Reports include guidance on how to use the insights on a call – Suggested “icebreakers” and call script guidance provide pointers on how to best leverage the data to generate the appointment.
  • Enhanced support services – New onboarding and support services provided by TechTarget will provide specific training to inside sales reps at the beginning and throughout the program to ensure success.

“TechTarget’s Qualified Sales Opportunities are extremely helpful for a company like ours and we are seeing great results,” said Bryan Rooney, sales executive, Kaminario. “They are definitely the best opportunities we get from any partner we are working with.”

Qualified Sales Opportunities reports deliver verified urgency, verified purchase resources and are based on actual interactions with the buying team, giving enterprise technology organizations a powerful solution to drive pipeline in specific technology markets.

The unmatched purchase intent insight and project intelligence provided within Qualified Sales Opportunities is fueled by TechTarget’s network of over 140 technology-specific websites and our audience of 200M annual visitors – 96% of whom come from organic inbound research – across 10,000 unique IT topics. The granularity of market segments and the level of detail in the project scoping interviews combined with insights that are confirmed – not inferred or modeled – make it possible for sales teams to achieve the success they do.

To learn more about Qualified Sales Opportunities, contact [email protected].

About TechTarget

TechTarget (Nasdaq: TTGT) is the global leader in purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services that deliver business impact for enterprise technology companies. By creating abundant, high-quality editorial content across more than 140 highly targeted technology-specific websites, TechTarget attracts and nurtures communities of technology buyers researching their companies’ information technology needs. By understanding these buyers’ content consumption behaviors, TechTarget creates the purchase intent insights that fuel efficient and effective marketing and sales activities for clients around the world.

TechTarget has offices in Beijing, Boston, London, Munich, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @TechTarget.

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