New Study Shows Increase of Data Governance as a Strategic Initiative for Enterprises

Technology media company TechTarget, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTGT) today announced the results of their 2014 Data Governance for the Enterprise Benchmark Study. Now available for sponsorship, this new in-depth study reports on wide-ranging trends in the use of Data Quality, Master Data Management and Metadata Management. The report features responses from over 500 corporate business and information technology (IT) professionals across TechTarget’s™ and™ websites.

Spearheaded by Wayne Eckerson, Principal Consultant, Eckerson Group, the study will help information management pros, technology providers and industry observers understand the current buying habits, adoption rate and future growth trends of the burgeoning data governance market.

Key Findings and Rationale for Data Governance Adoption

According to the results, a majority of organizations now view data as a corporate asset. Specifically, over one third of enterprises view data as a corporate asset to a “very high” degree compared to just 15% two years ago—representing a 140% increase. When combining respondents that view data as a corporate asset to a “very high” or “high” degree, the number of organizations increases to 62%, up from 49% two years ago.

“Organizations must run on a solid data foundation. Executives, managers, front-line workers, customers and suppliers need data that has been vetted and validated against corporate standards,” said Eckerson. “Without adequate controls and supervision, unmanaged data wreaks havoc on an organization’s processes, creating significant duplication, rework and missed opportunities. This ultimately undermines an organization’s agility and profitability. Data governance offers an established approach for managing data as a corporate asset,” continued Eckerson.

Limited Report Sponsorships Available

Limited benchmark report sponsorship packages are now available. For more information on how you can align your brand with this cutting-edge research, click here or contact your TechTarget representative directly.

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