TechTarget Announces New Add-on Service to Activity Intelligence; Nurture & Notify

New Service Provides Technology Marketers Increased Visibility to and Timely Notifications about Emerging Projects and Buyers

Technology media company TechTarget, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTGT) today announced Nurture & Notify™ as a new service of the Activity Intelligence™ platform. This service helps both technology marketers and their sales teams to identify highly active prospects, detect emerging projects, retarget interested buying teams, and accelerate engagement with specific accounts.

With Nurture & Notify, once a TechTarget client logs into the Activity Intelligence dashboard, they will receive detailed email notifications that follow a lead from a campaign as well as other prospects from the same account. A unique feature of the Nurture & Notify service, referred to as “Your Watchlist™” provides marketers and sales organizations with ongoing views of their leads’ activity, continually updating marketers and sales teams of their leads’ content interests and evolving activities. Additionally, when a lead’s activity shows a notable spike in activity, sales teams are proactively alerted to engage with that lead.

Active researchers are far more likely to have active projects and 90% of highly active TechTarget members are planning more than one major technology project, according to a recent TechTarget Media Consumption Report. The proactive email notification to sales and marketing departments about their prospects’ increasing activity allows them to engage their prospects just when major technology projects are emerging.

“Like anything in life, a big factor of success is timing. The sales process is no different. Knowing when a prospect’s or account’s activity is flaring up allows our clients’ sales teams to reach out to prospects at just the right times. The demand generation business has historically focused on who to call, but we’re pairing who-to-call with when-and-why-to-call them, and that’s an enormous advantage for sales teams,” explained TechTarget CEO, Greg Strakosch.

“In addition to enabling our customers to be timelier with their lead follow-up, the big news is that up until now publishers have only delivered leads at a specific point in time. With our breakthrough “Watchlist” and nurturing features we are in a position to continually update our customers on the progress of their leads and keep them on top of their most recent and important activities,” continued Strakosch.

The Nurture & Notify service will be available as of March 1st. Additional charges for the service will be based on a sliding scale ranging between 15 and 25 percent over the cost of the original program.

Nurture & Notify is powered by TechTarget’s proprietary Activity Intelligence platform, which provides a view of all specific interactions technology buyers have throughout their buying process with content across the TechTarget network of sites, including social communities. For more information on Nurture & Notify and TechTarget’s Activity Intelligence platform, visit

TechTarget (NASDAQ: TTGT) is the online intersection of serious technology buyers, targeted technical content and technology providers worldwide. Our media, powered by TechTarget’s proprietary Activity Intelligence™ platform, redefines how technology professionals are viewed and influenced by marketers according to the buyer’s active projects, specific technical priorities and business needs. With more than 100 technology specific websites, we deliver technology marketers unmatched reach via custom advertising, branding and lead generation solutions all built on our extensive network of online and social media.

TechTarget has offices in Atlanta, Beijing, Boston, London, Mumbai, San Francisco and Sydney.

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