TechTarget Announces TechTarget Engage Product Platform – the Next Evolution of Online Advertising and Engagement

Technology media company TechTarget, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTGT) today unveils a new collection of rich media solutions that unlocks new ways for B2B marketers to engage with IT users and accelerate their movement through the technology buying cycle. The TechTarget Engage portfolio includes both demand- and brand-focused offerings that accelerate IT user interaction with key marketer content assets, such as white papers, videos and webcasts. The TechTarget Engage solutions also provide opportunities for the integration of key social streams and communities.

TechTarget Engage solutions go beyond simply getting users to “click”; they offer marketers unique ways to build meaningful, earned impact for their brands and solutions. These new interactive experiences encourage deep user engagement with branded content in a highly targeted environment, resulting in an increased volume of meaningful actions and greater dwell time from users. In initial advertiser campaigns, TechTarget Engage solutions produced open rates at 4 times the industry standards and over 5 times the interaction rate.

The TechTarget Engage platform includes a demand-focused solution called Demand Engage™, as well as a brand-focused Engage solution. TechTarget’s Demand Engage is a completely new way for marketers to extend the value of their white papers, case studies and product collateral. Demand Engage units can be embedded into any existing PDF-based content. Once users have opened the document, they have immediate access to a set of related content, including videos, white papers, trial software, downloads, social media streams and more. Marketers receive in-depth reporting on how the Demand Engage units accelerate user interaction with their content. In initial Demand Engage campaigns, 45-60% of users interacted with downstream content, averaging 2.6 additional downloads and a total dwell time of nearly 3 minutes.

“One of the frustrations we hear from users is that white papers often don’t include clear next steps or a definitive call to action,” said Jeff Ramminger, SVP of Products for TechTarget. “With our new Demand Engage solutions, marketers can easily supply users with downstream content and clear direction on how to take the next steps. It’s a unique form of user self-nurturing that happens in real time.”

TechTarget is also releasing today new versions of its TechTarget Engage brand solutions for marketers interested in enhancing their brand advertising programs. These expandable, rich media-based banner units offer advertisers a variety of ways to more deeply immerse users with their brand messages and content. Marketers can select from several targeted brand units including:

  1. The Quiz unit – An intelligent unit that presents the user with a quiz to assess their needs and/or knowledge and then, based on their answers, recommends advertiser content aligned to the user’s buying stage and interests.
  2. The Video unit – An interactive video-driven unit that captivates users and offers deep engagement with the presenter’s content.
  3. The Socializer unit – A dynamic unit that enables display and engagement with social feeds and content, including two-way social conversations among users, or between users and marketers.
  4. The Combo unit – This multi-layered unit offers users any combination of up to three TechTarget Engage formats in one unit, allowing them to participate in social discussions, view videos and download content in one unit, all in real time.

TechTarget Engage solutions are available immediately. For solution and pricing information, contact[email protected].

TechTarget, Inc. ( (NASDAQ: TTGT) is a leading global technology media company with more than 100 technology-specific websites, 9 million registered members, and more than 10 years of groundbreaking accomplishments. Our extensive editorial and vendor-sponsored content fulfills the needs of tech pros looking for in-depth coverage of technology topics throughout their buying process and positions us to meet the needs of technology marketers targeting qualified technology audiences. Outside of North America, TechTarget® runs 23 websites and has offices in London, Mumbai and Beijing.

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