TechTarget Redefines the Way Technology Audiences are Viewed and Influenced by Technology Marketers through its New User Activity Intelligence Platform

Announcing Activity Intelligence Suite of Products and Services, Reinventing the Performance, Effectiveness and Accountability of All TechTarget Media Offerings

Technology media company TechTarget, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTGT) today announces the release of Activity Intelligence™, a groundbreaking, comprehensive platform that provides the benefit of being able to view all of the specific interactions information technology buyers have online during their buying process with content from multiple sources, including social communities, within the TechTarget network of sites.

Activity Intelligence is built upon a proprietary centralized data warehouse that catalogues millions of activities per month across TechTarget’s network of more than 80 editorial sites. This platform allows TechTarget to improve the user experience by anticipating the exact technical topics our members need and then delivering the most relevant editorial, peer-to-peer, and vendor content to match each phase of their purchase process. As a user’s role, interests, and projects evolve, the platform adapts to their current needs. The result of messaging our audience in this manner is that TechTarget has achieved a 3x increase in audience response rates.

Activity Intelligence enables TechTarget to track and report on 11 new activity metrics that showcase a user’s journey throughout their online research process on our sites. This exclusive capability also enables technology vendors to better target their audience, influence perception of their brand, act on sales opportunities more quickly, and greatly improve the return-on-investment (ROI) of their marketing campaigns.

Powered by Activity Intelligence, TechTarget’s branding and lead generation products now include:

  • Active Syndication: Advertiser content assets are promoted using technology users’ recent activities as the basis for content syndication and targeting of assets to specific audiences.
  • Activity-based Emails: Enhanced email promotion where messages are based on recent user activity and their engagement with specific content.
  • Custom Activity Nurturing: Campaigns that use Activity Intelligence to help profile and assess respondents and move them through the buying cycle, with targeted and relevant content assets based on the purchasing stage they are in.
  • Portable Microsites: Rich media units that provide a highly interactive experience to the user by presenting content based on their recent actions within and outside the unit.
  • Activity-based Segment TargetingDisplay Advertising: Banners that target a user based on the topics they have shown interest in regardless of where they are in the TechTarget network.
  • Audience Extension – Display Advertising: Banners that target a user based on the topics they have shown interest in on our sites as they navigate outside of the TechTarget network.

“Once again TechTarget is leading the industry in pioneering the use of online media,” said TechTarget CEO Greg Strakosch.  “With Activity Intelligence incorporated into all of our products, no other technology media company is as effective at delivering relevant content to technology buyers, or makes it easier for technology vendors to influence and generate qualified sales leads,” continued Strakosch.

Activity Intelligence profile reports and analysis give marketers increased visibility into their audience based on the interpretation of data now provided by Activity Intelligence, providing them a more efficient way to reach their target audience to improve their branding and lead generation efforts.  More information on how Activity Intelligence can inform your technology marketing strategy and improve results is available at,

TechTarget ( (NASDAQ: TTGT) is a leading global technology media company with more than 80 technology-specific websites, and over 9 million registered members, and more than 10 years of groundbreaking accomplishments. Our extensive editorial and vendor-sponsored content fulfills the needs of tech pros looking for in-depth coverage of technology topics throughout their buying process and positions us to meet the needs of technology marketers targeting qualified technology audiences.

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