TechTarget Research Releases Quarterly Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Post-Purchase Report

Details End-User Derived Insight from Completed HCI Transactions

TechTarget Research today announced the release of its latest quarterly Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Post-Purchase report. The report delivers market insight from interviews with enterprise IT buyers who recently purchased HCI products.

The HCI report is part of TechTarget’s portfolio of 16-market-specific Post-Purchase reports based on insights from completed enterprise IT product transactions. The reports are unique because they reveal market trends from actual purchases, reported by end-users. The reports include the raw data for detailed win/loss and market segment analyses.

The HCI report insights are useful to established and challenger HCI market participants, and hardware and software providers looking to attach themselves to HCI implementations or may be losing revenue to these solutions. The report details market segment trends and win/loss analyses to help marketing and sales teams confidently make go-to market strategy decisions.  The report includes insights and data such as:

  • VMware VSAN led a very competitive market as a stand-along provider and even more important given its partnerships with major hardware providers. The report details the position and changes in the top players by transaction share (Nutanix, Cisco, HPE and DellEMC) and their share trends.
  • Many HCI solutions play roles in market niches. The report’s raw data details the win/loss outcomes and reasons for a selection/non-selection for transactions involving large vendors DellEMC, Nutanix, VMware, HPE, Microsoft and Cisco as well as other vendors such as Atlantis, Datacore, Hitachi, IOFabric, Lenovo, Maxta, Pivot3 and SuperMicro.
  • To help large participants win hotly contested market share points and challenger/smaller vendors understand the market niches they can win (e.g. leader weak points, emerging buyer demands), the report details:
    • What the primary reasons were for NOT selecting vendors for all transactions, shortlisted vendors for each transaction and details on why they lost the deal (e.g. report subscribers understand whether pricing is a bigger issue for Cisco, DellEMC or HPE)
    • Ratings on the winning vendors of their sales force quality, product effectiveness, price/performance characteristics and other factors,
    • in-quarter as well as quarter over quarter data on the product/solutions features that were pivotal to choosing a winning vendor,
    • Deal sizes reported in average terms (overall and by vendor), ranges by vendor and for individual transactions (this report details transactions from the mid-tens of thousands of dollars to multiple deals of greater than $10m)
    • Discount, bundling and other deal tactics used by transaction-winning vendors

“TechTarget Research is different because we focus on granular IT product markets and deliver insights from end-users involved in confirmed projects,” said TechTarget CEO Michael Cotoia. “This focus provides enterprise tech marketing and sales leaders insights to confidently make go-to-market decisions. We are uniquely able to do this because enterprise IT buyers come to our sites for pre-purchase research.”

TechTarget Research produces Post Purchase reports in valuable enterprise IT product markets including: All-Flash Storage, Hybrid Storage, Virtualization Platforms, Cloud Storage and more.  For more information on how to leverage this insight in your sales and marketing efforts, please contact Brian McGovern at [email protected]. All media requests should contact Jon Brown at [email protected].

About TechTarget Research

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