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  • Predictive analytics improve customer experience journey

    Azumi Mobile, a smartphone manufacturer, takes advantage of software from DeviceBits to merge AI, machine learning and predictive analytics to overhaul its customer experience journey. Continue Reading

  • How to troubleshoot Android Wi-Fi connection problems

    Android smartphone and tablet users now abound in the enterprise, making Android Wi-Fi connection troubleshooting a key element of enterprise wireless network connection management. Continue Reading

  • New tools plug the mobile app development skills gap

    Building enterprise mobile apps is a costly endeavor, and many businesses lack in-house developers with the right skills. Finding experienced mobile app developers to hire isn't an easy task, either. For those reasons, companies are turning to cross-platform tools and codeless options that help IT develop simple apps for use across multiple device platforms. This issue's cover story explores these trends in the mobile development job market and explains how businesses can use these tools to overcome their challenges.

    This issue also includes analysis of the iOS 9 news from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and a look at one of the newest Android smartphones, LG's G4. Readers will learn about HTML5's role in mobile app development and delivery. And new columnist Steve Damadeo explains what it means to be a mobile-first business.

     Continue Reading

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