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  • Copy data management vendors expand breadth of offerings

    This roundup of copy management systems from the leading vendors shows the distinct categories and implementation models this cost-saving technology can provide. Continue Reading

  • Hyper-converged infrastructure vendors offer range of storage options

    Hyper-converged infrastructure vendors have integrated software-defined storage, compute and networking into easy-to-use, turnkey appliances. But the transition from a traditional, three-tier architecture to a hyper-converged data center can take getting used to. That's why it's important to carefully assess hyper-converged infrastructure vendors and the HCI appliances they offer when making this change. We'll show you ways to simplify the process.

    Today, we mostly store unstructured data on NFS-based NAS file servers. More efficient, flexible and practical object storage is a rising alternative, however, particularly in products that layer file-based interfaces on top of object-based storage for the best of both worlds.

    Tiering and caching can make a huge difference in active data storage performance. These two processes work in different ways, however. Tiering is about more than distributing data into hot, warm and cold tiers, while caching increases the speed of reads and writes. Both tiering and caching require choices.

     Continue Reading

  • Catalogic integrates VMware APIs in ECX 2.1, eyes IBM, EMC support

    Version 2.1 of Catalogic ECX copy data management software uses VADP to tell storage systems to move array-based snapshots to a supported Catalogic platform. Continue Reading

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