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  • Knowing when it's time for Exchange mailbox migration

    The end-of-life moments for older versions of Exchange are coming (and have come already for some versions), coinciding with the release of Exchange Server 2016. While some organizations may make the jump to the newest release, a number of companies will move to Exchange 2013. Others may be interested in Exchange alternatives.

    This three-part guide outlines the Exchange 2016 requirements and the benefits to be found in this latest version. It also delves into strategies to plan an upgrade to the recent versions and suggests ways to avoid errors that could arise during an Exchange mailbox migration. Exchange 2010 users, for instance, will have a much different upgrade path than those running Exchange 2003.

    Exchange Server 2013 simplified administration, better managed availability and improved Outlook Web app access on any device among other improvements. Exchange 2016 makes further improvements. There are third-party Exchange migration tools that may be needed to migrate to Office 365. So, the questions become what does your organization need from Exchange -- and when?

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  • SharePoint 2016 Beta 2 adds security and hybrid features

    A second SharePoint 2016 beta brings a hybrid App Launcher and data loss prevention tools on premises, but the overall experience will be very familiar for Office 365 subscribers. Continue Reading

  • Migrating to the future: Moving to Exchange 2016

    Migrating to Exchange 2013, or even preparing for a 2016 migration, may be the best choice for some organizations, but others could be fine with a legacy version. In this three-part guide, we will cover the key factors in making a decision regarding Exchange migrations, as well as sticking points in the upgrade process.

    SearchExchange contributors highlight the factors that make a certain choice, like Exchange 2013, more viable than its predecessors. There are ways to ease the migration, they explain, as well as points during the upgrade process where an organization can easily get trapped. Deployment of Exchange 2013, though similar to past iterations, is more complicated and will require an approach that addresses all of the new features and how integration will affect the existing infrastructure.

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