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  • Benefits of virtualizing Lotus Domino servers

    While many administrators are hesitant to virtualize Domino servers, the servers can still benefit from virtualization. In this tutorial from contributor Eric Seibert, learn about some main points to consider when virtualizing your Domino servers, benefits you can expect and some best practices. Continue Reading

  • Lotus Notes and Domino Server backup and recovery

    Fast and reliable backup and recovery are critical for most Lotus Notes and Domino Server shops, but not always easy to achieve. This collection of tips, tutorials and expert advice will teach you best practices and methods you can use to simplify and improve your backup and recovery operations and how to troubleshoot common issues. Continue Reading

  • Step 5: Running Lotus Domino Server on Linux

    In the final segment of the tutorial, "Step-by-Step Guide: How to install Lotus Domino Server on Linux," you'll learn a script that makes Domino start automatically whenever you boot the Linux machine, and stop gracefully when you (or a power failure) stop the machine. Continue Reading

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