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  • Get to know new versions of Microsoft’s Office productivity suite

    The newest versions of Microsoft's Office productivity suite are an interesting departure from the Office of old. There are several versions and editions of Office, and each one offers something a little bit different. There's the well-known local desktop version, Office 2016, and the relative newcomer, cloud-based Office 365. The apps in each are comparable, but Office 365 offers more flexibility with its access-from-anywhere model.

    Companies and IT administrators need to know what they're getting from the different Office editions -- and smaller shops are not exclusively limited to the Office for Business versions. Businesses must also consider whether to deliver the mobile or desktop version, and they might even find it's time to switch to the cloud-based subscription suite. One bright spot in this migration process is that Microsoft has added security features to Office 2016, so moving off an older version could improve existing security measures. This handbook outlines everything businesses need to know about choosing which Office to deliver to users.

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  • Users praise, critique Microsoft Surface Hub

    As early adopters evaluate the Microsoft Surface Hub, shipping of the large-screen collaboration device has been pushed back by four months. Continue Reading

  • How does VMware App Volumes differ from ThinApp?

    VMware App Volumes, formerly CloudVolumes, is the virtualization company's attempt to speed application deployments and reduce IT headaches. Continue Reading

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  • Big data visualization refines the analytics picture

    Data scientists and analysts who spend a lot of their time parsing through data often find that their coworkers aren't as in tune with all of that information and what it means. Luckily, big data visualization helps analysts present information to others in their organization. But in order for big data visualization to help, it needs to be done with care. This handbook can help readers get there.

    The first article, by consultant David Loshin, covers the importance of catering data visualizations to your audience and telling a clear story with your graphics. The second, by Senior News Writer Ed Burns, examines the different approaches and tools organizations are using to analyze and visualize information. And the final article, by consultant David A. Teich, shows how businesses have been telling stories with data for years and demonstrates how their approach needs to change in response to new technology.

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  • How to prevent healthcare cybersecurity vulnerabilities via USB

    USBs can create a vulnerable entry point for cyberattacks in healthcare. One CIO details the nuances of the problem and offers up possible solutions. Continue Reading

  • Microsoft Office Trust Center settings that help stop malware

    The Trust Center in Microsoft's Office suite has some important and useful settings to prevent users from opening files infected with malware and viruses, but admins need to know about and enable them. Continue Reading

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