Achieve Internal Alignment with a Marketing Activity Taxonomy

Part of the e-book series, Owner’s Manual for the Modern Demand Gen Engine

Misuse or misunderstanding of marketing terminologies can create confusion, lead to costly mistakes and impact productivity.

You can ensure that everyone is rowing in the same direction and working toward the same objectives by establishing a shared vocabulary for describing various marketing activities.

In “Marketing Channels, Programs and Campaigns,” part 6 of the e-book series Owner’s Manual for the Modern Demand Gen Engine, TechTarget CMO John Steinert and award-winning, high-growth marketing strategist Samantha Stone show you how to document a marketing activity taxonomy so you can:

  • Minimize miscommunication to ensure internal alignment and increase productivity
  • Set accurate expectations to improve resource allocation and budgeting
  • Guide discussion and reporting on expected outcomes
  • Organize the diverse activities and objectives among various marketing groups

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