Align Sales and Marketing With Better Lead Scoring

Part of the e-book series, Owner’s Manual for the Modern Demand Gen Engine

Although lead scoring has been used by B2B marketers for quite a while, the uncomfortable truth is that most organizations aren’t achieving the intended results.

In “Lead Scoring and Action Triggers”, part 7 of the e-book series Owner’s Manual for the Modern Demand Gen Engine, TechTarget CMO John Steinert and award-winning, high-growth marketing strategist Samantha Stone discuss how to effectively engage and nurture leads by identifying high-value moments in the sales funnel:

  • Understand why traditional lead scoring systems are flawed and learn how to fix yours by using trigger actions based on intent signals.
  • Make lead scoring extremely actionable by automating a next step based on a prospect’s action.
  • Define and act on the four distinct action categories: Sales, Nurture, Behavior Change, and Segmentation.

You’ll be able to identify actions that signal real buying intent, pass the leads to the right sales team members, and deliver the right message at the right time based on where prospects are in the buyer’s journey.

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