Audit Your Demand Gen Success: Set the Stage For Performance Push

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Part of the e-book series, Owner’s Manual for the Modern Demand Gen Engine

Do you know how your tactics are creating optimal growth for your organization?

An objective evaluation is the key to creating ongoing success in attracting high-quality leads and accelerating your pipeline.

In Part 3, Audit Your Demand Generation Success, of the ebook series Owner’s Manual for the Modern Demand Gen Engine, TechTarget CMO John Steinert and award-winning, high-growth marketing strategist Samantha Stone will show you how to effectively audit your demand gen success and prepare for a performance improvement push by:

  • Increasing your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) coverage
  • Ensuring account and contact record completeness
  • Establishing a data integrity baseline
  • Understanding what’s contributing to your growth

Download today to learn in-depth, from-the-trenches insights from practicing marketers who are at the forefront of the industry.

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