Be a Publisher, By a Publisher: Building a Content Architecture That Closes

publisher-asset-imageToday everyone’s a publisher, which means content has become your business. Being an effective brand publisher takes planning, teamwork and a strong foundation- or content architecture- to effectively deliver. Operating in the technology publishing space for over 15 years, TechTarget has learned a thing or two about making a business out of content.

In this presentation we’ll share a few of our secrets (and screw ups) to help you make the most out of your content business, explore how to insert your content into the buyer’s journey content through the right channels, and to the most applicable audiences and leverage today’s data tools to improve the return.

In particular, we’ll highlight considerations and tips around:

Establishing a taxonomy (bringing order to content chaos through smarter classification),
Prioritizing content types (what to say, who should say it, and how)
Determining the right content types to build, (140 characters, or 140 pages? decisions decisions)
Formulating a content calendar (keeping production on point)
Understanding distribution channels (a look at which channels b2b tech buyers are prioritizing)
Aligning content types and distribution channels (figuring out “what” goes “where”)
Enabling the buyer’s journey (nurture strategies to keep buyers on “your” journey)
Evaluating distribution channels (rethinking attribution models in 2015)
And more

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