Behavioral Data: A Stake Through the Heart of Cold Calling

Cold calling has always been a numbers game. But in order for B2B enterprise sales to make inroads, more actually isn’t better. And the results show it — studies have revealed that as many as 98% of cold calls do not result in an appointment. Why? Because it forces inside sales reps (ISRs) to abandon targets they haven’t reached just to meet volume-based KPIs. And if those targets were actively searching for a product like yours, chances are you’ll miss out on the deal and competitors who are more persistent will land it.

In this guest article on Sales Tech Star, TechTarget’s Josh Garland outlines why there is no excuse for cold calling in today’s B2B sales environment and showcases how leveraging the right data to prioritize accounts and buyers, combined with a fresh look at KPIs, can make your ISRs more productive and successful.

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