Cracking the Buyer’s Journey with Intent Data

The only constant in life is change, especially when we think about IT buyers. And buyers are changing more quickly in their preferences, and their preferences now vary more dramatically buyer to buyer. This means it’s even more perilous to make assumptions about a buyer’s journey or the content that will work to crack it.

To keep practitioners up-to-date with buying behavior changes, TechTarget runs its annual Media Consumption and Vendor Engagement Study. In the latest edition, we heard from 700+ technology decision makers and buying group members at mid- to large-sized enterprises. Based on the research, this e-book will capture our very latest view of their buyers’ journeys. You’ll learn:

  • How the technology purchase journey and buyer behavior has changed.
  • The role of content in the buyers’ journey.
  • How to use the dynamic insights from intent to optimize content and outreach.
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