Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): Foundation of an Effective Demand Generation Strategy

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Part of the e-book series, Owner’s Manual for the Modern Demand Gen Engine

Everyone is talking about “demand gen” but what’s the secret?

How can you attract an audience that loves your brand, wants your products and will become loyal customers so they’ll make repeat purchases?

The secret lies in establishing a solid foundation by creating an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Did you know that 81% of top-performing organizations have ICPs that represent their ideal accounts and companies that have developed strong ICPs average a 68% higher account win rate?

In Part 1 of the e-book series Owner’s Manual for the Modern Demand Gen Engine, TechTarget CMO John Steinert and award-winning high-growth marketing strategist Samantha Stone will show you how to construct a winning ICP by:

  • Collecting the right firmographic information.
  • Identifying the core data points.
  • Understanding and defining “demand maturity.”

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