Roundup: Navigating the New Normal in B2B Marketing and Sales

Paige Pollard

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

pandemicThe current business climate has really thrown a wrench in marketing initiatives this year. While the future as we know it may be unclear, one thing is certain – if we focus on taking care of our buyers and ourselves, we’ll get through this together.

To better help organizations, we have curated 5 pieces of advice from trusted experts, analysts and brands on how to navigate these uncharted waters.

Expert Advice: 5 Resources to Help Marketing and Sales  Achieve Success in Today’s Business Environment 

CMS Wire – A Responsive Data Strategy Is More Critical Now Than Ever Before

In these trying times, organizations must pivot to sustain and grow. Ajay Khanna of Reltio shares that a responsive data strategy that relies on buyer behavior is key to not only adapting, but effectively addressing customer needs now and later on down the road.

SiriusDecisions – Turn Your Funnel Upside Down and Shake Out a Plan to Over-Deliver After a Crisis

Overcoming a global pandemic won’t happen overnight, but there are things that B2B sales teams can do now to set themselves up for success. Seth Marrs of Forrester suggests conducting opportunity analysis and focusing on new, more effective ways to connect with buyers.

TOPO – 73% of Account Based Org’s Are Reinventing Account Selection

As many organizations respond to shifting market priorities, TOPO is seeing 73% of account-based orgs re-prioritize accounts and re-allocate resources to focus more on customers. TOPO analyst Eric Wittlake shares three actionable changes brands can make today to have a sizable impact.

Forrester – Jellyfish and the Future of B2B Buying

When you think of the pandemic, you may not think of the parallel between jellyfish and buyers, but I assure you that it’s relevant. In this past month’s SD Summit, Amy Hayes and Steve Casey shared how “like jellyfish, our customers are rapidly adapting to their changing environment” – and this couldn’t be truer now! Hayes and Casey also offer four primary expectations of today’s B2B buyers that can help us meet our own buyer’s needs, especially now.

Harvard Business Review – How Sales Data Can Help Non-Sales Teams

Many modern sellers have been leveraging technology and data to meet the needs of buyers long before the pandemic hit. In our current environment, sales teams aren’t the only ones that can benefit from first-hand buyer insights. As Alyssa Merwin notes, becoming data-driven can help even those in non-sales roles can gain deeper understanding of what buyers need right now.

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