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The IoT is coming into focus for the channel

By Lynn Haber 12 Dec 2014

If there was a hot-button topic for IT channel partners in 2014, it was the Internet of Things (IoT). Who wasn’t talking about it? As we previously quoted Pew Research, the IoT is a catchall phrase ... Read More

The first thing a refugee asks when they arrive at a camp is not necessarily for water or food

By Karl Flinders 28 Mar 2018

An internet connection is as important as food and water to the displaced Read More

Collaboration is key to maintaining urban transport efficiency as cities grow

By Sebastian Klovig Skelton 03 Jul 2019

The economic impact of congestion will continue to increase if transport systems are not revitalised through collaborative efforts between governments and technology companies Read More

Security Think Tank: Cyber metrics need to be meaningful

By Paddy Francis 04 Mar 2019

What should be the key cyber security risk indicator for any business? Read More

What do crystals, glass and DNA have in common?

By Nick Powling 08 Feb 2019

DNA, glass and crystal have an unexpected common link – they are all innovative new ways to meet the growing demand to store vast amounts of data Read More

Build a proactive cybersecurity approach that delivers

By Stan Gibson 26 Jun 2019

Whether it's zero-trust, adaptive security or just plain common sense, IT leaders must embrace an approach to IT security that's proactive, not reactive. Read More

How to build a startup: 7 tips from Keith Krach

By George Lawton 29 Apr 2019

Entrepreneur Keith Krach recounts how he started Ariba, sharing a treasure trove of tips in part two of this three-part Q&A. Read More

How to use IoT, machine learning and AI bots to grow revenue

By Elliott Yama 10 Nov 2017

IoT, machine learning and AI are playing increasing roles in helping sales, legal, finance and operations professionals generate and manage revenue processes. Read More

Why some manufacturers stick with on-premises vs. cloud ERP

By Beth Stackpole 05 Oct 2018

Cloud ERP is key in digital manufacturing, but it's not a fit for all companies, especially those with heavy customization needs or the need to maintain control over upgrades. Read More

Ron Green: Keeping the payment ecosystem safe for Mastercard

By Alan R. Earls 03 Dec 2018

"We have invested a billion dollars over the last couple of years just in security," says Ron Green, Mastercard's chief of security, who joined the company in 2014. Read More