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Cisco completes Jasper IoT buy; shifts execs

By Chuck Moozakis 23 Mar 2016

Cisco March 22 completed its acquisition of Internet of Things services provider Jasper Technologies Inc. and created an IoT cloud business unit to market services and technologies to carriers and ... Read More

Salesforce Trailhead to roll out live training videos

By David Needle 30 Oct 2019

By year's end, Salesforce will unveil a new set of live and on-demand video training classes to give users a new way to earn Trailhead badges and certifications. Read More

Azure Bastion brings convenience, security to VM management

By Tim Warner 14 Nov 2019

This cloud service gets around the problem associated with jump servers and cloaks the identity of your VMs to avoid potential security issues. Read More

Cybersecurity automation won't fix the skills gap alone

By Katie Donegan 12 Aug 2019

Joan Pepin, CISO and vice president of operations at Auth0, says cybersecurity automation makes her job possible, but it can't replace the human talent her industry badly needs. Read More

Move to the cloud -- without blowing the budget

By Brian Kirsch 20 Jun 2019

Cloud migration can be expensive -- especially if you don't approach it strategically. Carefully consider what to move, and learn how to avoid costly missteps. Read More

Rollout of 16 TB HDDs targets hyperscale data centers

By Carol Sliwa 07 Jun 2019

The drive to 16 TB HDDs is underway. Seagate kicked it off with three new hard disk drives, and Toshiba and Western Digital are poised to follow in 2019. Read More

Security remains top concern of enterprise IoT customers

By Ann Bosche 14 Mar 2019

A recent survey found that customers' worries about IoT deployments remain the same as years past: security, integration and ROI. Bain & Company's Ann Bosche explains. Read More

Challenges slow the union between blockchain and ERP

By Beth Stackpole 15 May 2019

Rather than technical challenges, building the business networks and hammering out governance and rules of engagement are the toughest hurdles to blockchain-enabled ERP. Read More

Security concerns remain a drag on the internet of things

By Syed Ali 20 Jun 2019

Security concerns continue to hinder enterprise IoT adoption. Bain & Company's Syed Ali outlines four steps manufacturers should take to start addressing IoT security concerns. Read More

IT Priorities 2019: ANZ organisations focus on fundamentals

By Aaron Tan 14 Mar 2019

Organisations in Australia and New Zealand will spend more on modernising legacy applications and breaking down data silos this year Read More