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Digital economy to make up 60% of APAC’s GDP by 2021

By Aaron Tan 21 Feb 2018

The surge in GDP contribution will come as more organisations shift from digital transformation initiatives aimed at shoring up productivity towards digital product development Read More

Where does Citrix Analytics fit, and where does it not fit?

By Jo Harder 21 Feb 2018

Citrix Analytics service is on its way, but will its visibility be broad enough? Read More

Xively buy broadens Google Cloud IoT tool utility

By Trevor Jones 20 Feb 2018

The latest Google Cloud acquisition points to a doubling down on IoT, as the company tries to keep pace with AWS and Microsoft Azure in this emerging market. Read More

SaaS support challenges IT ops admins to shift gears

By Brian Kirsch 20 Feb 2018

SaaS means no more app support, right? In practice, IT ops teams enter a new realm of upgrade management and capacity planning when their user base migrates to a SaaS offering. Read More

SAP's Barry Padgett on future of SAP Ariba Network

By Jim O'Donnell 20 Feb 2018

In this Q&A, new SAP Ariba President Barry Padgett discusses the future of procurement and the experience he will bring to Ariba from his roles with the SAP SMB Group and Concur. Read More

Clouds can't save our oceans, we need an edge

By Will Ochandarena 20 Feb 2018

Edge computing is rapidly being recognized as a necessity for implementing several industrial IoT use cases, explains MapR Technologies' Will Ochandarena. Read More

Could the DevOps process work better under a different name?

By Valerie Silverthorne 20 Feb 2018

Intent-based DevOps is a small name change designed to bring development and deployment back to basics. Two industry experts offer their interpretations and suggestions. Read More

Use esxcli commands for vSphere management, troubleshooting

By Stuart Burns 20 Feb 2018

The esxcli command set provides administrators with an easy to use set of commands to configure, manage and troubleshoot a vSphere-based infrastructure. Read More

Hybrid cloud cost optimization an ongoing opportunity for partners

By Esther Shein 20 Feb 2018

For all its virtues, the hybrid cloud model can create a number of cloud cost optimization and management headaches for customers. Learn how partners can step in to help. Read More

How to establish Windows 10 security baselines

By Kevin Beaver 20 Feb 2018

IT should consider following Microsoft's Windows 10 security recommendations in the Security Compliance Toolkit to better protect the operating system. Read More