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Mobile oriented architecture: Making the case

16 May 2007

Mobile oriented architecture (MOA) has the potential to enhance mobile device interactions with back-office applications while easing the burden of deploying applications with existing mobile middleware. Read More

Interop 2007: Mobile highlights

By Craig Mathias 29 May 2007

Mobile and wireless highlights from Interop 2007 included mobile broadband, 4G, unified communications and convergence. Read More

Mobile data services -- A checklist of considerations

By Paul DeBeasi 21 May 2007

Analyzing and selecting a mobile data service can be a daunting task. This tip provides a checklist of the major factors to consider when evaluating mobile data services (GSM, CDMA and WiMAX). Read More

Mobility as a competitive edge

By Craig Mathias 13 Apr 2007

Mobile computing and communications are key to productivity and competitive advantage for your workers and your salesforce. Read More

Meet our Mobile Experts

27 Mar 2003

Coming out of the gates, we have 3 notable mobile technologies experts who can answer your questions. Read more about them here! Read More

What is Microsoft PerformancePoint Server 2007?

13 Mar 2008

Learn about Microsoft PerformancePoint Server 2007, including the basics monitoring, analysis and planning applications. Read More

Hyperion's predictive analytics purchase demystified

By Hannah Smalltree 15 Feb 2007

Hyperion is buying predictive analytics vendor Decisioneering, hoping to take the guesswork out of business planning and decision-making by adding to its BI suite. Read More

GIS holds promise for an information revolution

11 Feb 2003

The term "geographic information systems," might not mean much to the uninitiated, but a Wharton School professor describes GIS as launching a new information revolution. Read More