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SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 debugs and adds features

By Eric Brown 07 Dec 2006

SQL Server SP2 goes beyond your routine bug fixes. Like SP1, the latest service pack adds features: For one, the new sp_configure flag gets SQL Server 2005 tested by the common criteria organization. Contributor ... Read More

Save and restore drivers to and from Windows PCs

By Serdar Yegulalp 16 Oct 2006

Getting a system to run optimally often requires a good number of third-party or non-Microsoft drivers, some of which need to be added 'by hand.' The problem gets worse when you can't find the driver CD, or when ... Read More

Upgrading SQL Server, part I: Overview and project planning

By Jeremy Kadlec 12 Mar 2003

First of a series detailing the SQL Server upgrade process from the technical, logistical and business perspective. Read More

Q&A: With SQL Azure, Microsoft eyes giant leap to the cloud

07 Jun 2011

It was cloud, cloud, cloud at Microsoft TechEd 2011. Microsoft’s Mark Kromer discusses the SQL Azure, what’s new with the cloud database offering and what’s to come. Read More

CTP released for MySQL migration toolkit

13 Jan 2010

A new download from Microsoft could make life easier for IT shops considering a database migration from MySQL to SQL Server. Read More

Getting started with Microsoft SQL Azure Database

By Roman Rehak 27 Aug 2010

Get a taste of Microsoft’s SQL Azure service for the cloud, and learn how it does (and doesn’t) compare to on-premise SQL Server functionality. Read More

Upgrade Active/Active cluster to SQL Server 2005 and Windows 2003

By Matthew Schroeder 03 Jun 2008

This is the first in a series of articles describing the case history of a database upgrade from SQL Server 2000 Active/Active cluster running on Window 2000 Server to a Windows Server 2003/SQL Server 2005 Active/... Read More

Master Data Services could spur SQL Server 2008 R2 migrations

06 Apr 2010

Microsoft's new master data management technology could be a major factor for those pondering an upgrade to SQL Server 2008 R2. Read More