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Gartner: Business intelligence software market grew 13% in 2007

By Jeff Kelly 24 Jun 2008

Gartner says the worldwide business intelligence software market grew substantially in 2007 despite a slowdown in the U.S. Meanwhile, the so-called mega-vendors improved their market share dramatically through ... Read More

Business intelligence vendors react to SAP's plans to acquire Business Objects

By Hannah Smalltree 15 Oct 2007

Business intelligence vendors react to SAP's plan to acquire Business Objects with what they think SAP/Business Objects customers should be asking now. Read More

New BI app reports to Office

By Barney Beal 25 May 2005

Business Objects' latest reporting tool lets users embed live BI reports into Microsoft Office apps. Read More

Starting a career in BI with a computer science background

By Matt Mueller 18 Nov 2008

How should you start a career in business intelligence (BI)? Find out in this expert response. Read More

The democratization of information

By Barney Beal 08 Mar 2005

Firms embracing the latest in Business Intelligence need to create an "information democracy" amidst the rapidly evolving BI market, according to speakers at the Gartner BI Summit. Read More

Business Objects adds text analytics to BI with Inxight acquisition

By Barney Beal 22 May 2007

Business intelligence, search and text analytics are rapidly converging. Business Objects' combination with Inxight offers the possibility of a BI back end and a search front end. Read More

Business intelligence software market looks to hold its own during recession

By Jeff Kelly 19 Feb 2009

The business intelligence (BI) market is likely to enjoy significant growth over the next five years, despite a recession that has inflicted lasting pain on other industries. Read More

Former LucidEra, other SaaS BI customers should consider reevaluating their options

By Jeff Kelly 10 Jul 2009

So your SaaS business intelligence (BI) vendor just went out of business. Now what? It might be time to consider a move to on-premise BI software, according to analysts. Read More

ComScore moves 'big data' analytics environment from Cloudera to MapR

By Mark Brunelli 08 Dec 2011

IT officials at Web intelligence firm comScore Inc. explain why they switched to a new Hadoop distribution for managing its vast pool of online data. Read More

Gartner Magic Quadrant finds confusion in the customer MDM market

By Mark Brunelli 19 Dec 2011

Acquisitions and product additions by the top vendors are making customer master data management software choices harder for users, Gartner says. Read More