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Configuring security settings in HR

05 Mar 2002

We recently installed SAP HR 4.6c and are having difficulty configuring the following security scenario: Allow access to execute "Personnel Actions" (PA40) which creates or copies infotypes (updates). At the same ... Read More

HR: See all EE Infotypes

22 May 2006

To see all the active infotypes for an employee without going into each infotype individually, use this transaction. Read More

What is HCM?

13 Dec 2005

Read information on Human Capital Management for mySAP HR and where to find more information from SAP HR expert Brian Stewart. Read More

Scramble sensitive HR data in test-environments

01 Oct 2003

In the event of a restore of production data into your Test / QA environment, you need scramble your sensitive HR data. Read More

Implementing payroll in 4.6C

09 Jan 2003

We are implementing payroll in 4.6C. I would like to know the process for printing checks. Is there any documentation out there? Read More

MySAP ERP technical upgrade ROI: Look to the future

28 Feb 2007

The mySAP ERP 2005 technical upgrade at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation did not produce hard ROI right off the bat, but the project gained approval by focusing on future improvements. Read More

What are the most important skills required in SAP HR?

29 Oct 2004

I am right now learning SAP HR (technical), what are the most important skills/tasks required to be successful in this field or on this job? Read More