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SOA and decentralized IT systems

09 Feb 2007

One of the key points of this chapter is that SOA, like business rules, is about raising the abstraction levels of interfaces: interfaces that must support the business, not the system. Read More

Q&A: Integration Consortium founder Michael Kuhbock

By Hannah Smalltree 21 Feb 2007

When like-minded integration professionals get together and talk frankly, they can make a big impact, according to the founder of the Integration Consortium (IC).

The member-funded group seeks to provide an ... Read More

SOA and business rules management

08 Feb 2007

Author Ian Graham looks at the technology of business rules management systems (BRMS): its features, responsibilities, benefits and business drivers for adoption. Read More

Data stewards

By Bill Inmon 01 Feb 2007

What is the role of a data steward? Read More

Is there such a thing as a user-friendly ad hoc query tool for BI?

By Brian Jordan 10 May 2010

Can you find a user-friendly BI tool for ad hoc queries? Read what a BI expert thinks about ad hoc query tool needs and the BI software sold by business intelligence vendors. Read More

Different stages of data warehouse maturity

By Bill Inmon 08 Feb 2007

This article covers the stages of data warehousing from the data mart through the enterprise data warehouse. Read More

Archival environment, part 2

By Bill Inmon 22 Feb 2007

In every case, if data is to be archived, it needs to be freed from the technology in which it is stored on a day-to-day basis. Read More

VSAM to DB2 migration project design

By Craig S. Mullins 07 Feb 2007

Craig Mullins offers his opinion about a SearchDataManagement.com member's design for a migration of data from VSAM to DB2, which creates 4-5 MQTs that will hold data pertaining to 40+ DB2 tables. Read More

'MDM and CDI for a Global Enterprise' authors discuss trends, ROI

08 May 2007

Alex Berson and Larry Dubov, authors of Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration for a Global Enterprise, discuss trends, ROI and costly mistakes in this podcast. Read More

Business intelligence and data warehousing team structure

By William McKnight 03 May 2007

Business intelligence and data warehousing teams are constructed differently, but most are placed within the IT department and include some basic, common roles. Read More