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Data services experts see clouds on the horizon

By Mark Brunelli 22 Jun 2010

Extending data services to the cloud should be an easy task, according to one industry expert -- provided that “the hard work” of deploying those services was done right in the first place. Read More

Using application monitoring software for health IT systems

31 Mar 2010

Application monitoring software helps isolate system issues that need to be fixed. This boosts physicians’ confidence in health IT, one CIO said in this video shot at the HIMSS10 annual conference. Read More

Understanding Messaging for the SCEA

By George Lawton 02 Apr 2010

Java enterprise architects unfortunately have too many choices to consider when integrating Java applications. But with a little of study, and more importantly knowing what to study, you will be well on your way to... Read More

IDC claims Oracle keeping Java relevant

By George Lawton 02 Apr 2010

With Oracle's recent purchase of Sun, developers have been following the company carefully to see if it will take the steps to keep Java relevant. In order to help developers stay aware, IDC has recently published ... Read More

WORM your way out of compliance issues

04 Aug 2005

Here's the low-down on WORM media from IBM, EMC, HP, Plasmon and others, along with what formats are suited to what applications. Read More

Passing a SOX audit: Lessons learned from an information security professional

18 Aug 2005

While the ambiguity of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act can be frustrating, the regulation encourages organizations to create partnerships with their auditors and make compliance work for them. In this column, an information... Read More

Tuning: People, processes and technology

By Jeremy Kadlec 01 Jun 2005

Jeremy Kadlec explores the components for properly leveraging people, processes and technology for performance tuning. Read More

Disaster recovery: Protecting the enterprise from the administrator

By Gary Olsen 22 Jun 2005

Prevent enterprise disaster by delegating administration rights carefully. Read More

Reduce risks of DR testing

By Matt Stansberry 16 Aug 2005

Untested business continuity plans can leave organizations in a lurch. But taking down live environments is risky and complicated. New software could ease the burden. Read More