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Gartner Magic Quadrant: Customer MDM market maturing despite confusion

By Delaney Rebernik 18 Dec 2012

This year's Magic Quadrant for customer MDM software reveals a market nearing maturity, yet still brimming with diverse products and vendors. Read More

Gartner Magic Quadrant: Product MDM market cornered by big name vendors

By Delaney Rebernik 18 Dec 2012

This new Magic Quadrant for product MDM tools reveals increased complexity in a market dominated by major players. Read More

New Cirro suite promises 'big data' management for business users

By Delaney Rebernik 26 Jul 2012

Cirro Inc.'s new software suite aims to bring "big data" management to the masses. Plus, get more data management news from around the Web. Read More

Advertising for help can showcase security weaknesses

By Anne Saita 05 Jul 2005

A digital forensics expert warns that online job postings detailing IT skills also broadcast potential security problems. Read More

Audit Trail: Sifting through an audit

By Matt Zerega 24 Aug 2005

Compliance can be complicated, for sure. But there are common trouble spots you can avoid to make your next audit less painful than your last. Read More

Audit Trail: The good, the gotcha and the guesser

By Matt Zerega 28 Jun 2005

In theory, IT auditors and IT professionals want the same thing: a secure, well-designed and efficient IT environment that -- ultimately -- helps the business better serve all of its customers. Read More

As MDM project deployments grow more complex, ‘drama’ could follow

By Jeff Kelly 03 Jun 2010

As organizations expand MDM initiatives to include multiple data domains and more data sources, success might not come as easily as it has thus far. Read More

Acquisition creates Sybase, SAP data management product overlap

By Jeff Kelly 08 Jun 2010

SAP could have some difficult choices to make regarding the future of its data integration and analytics products following its Sybase acquisition. Read More

Using CATS for time entry and approval for managers and subordinates

07 Sep 2005

Using CATS for time entry and approval for managers and subordinates? SAP HR expert Brian Stewart advises a user having difficulty with this. Read More