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Should we rebuild the ESS/MSS interface, or stick with SAP?

By Joshua Greenbaum 11 Oct 2005

Are you considering rebuilding the ESS/MSS interface instead of sticking with SAP? Learn what site expert Joshua Greenbaum has to say to a reader who is in this position. Read More

One-way hash encrypting/decrypting

07 May 2001

This program encrypts and decrypts a string using an 8 byte strong one-way-hash like encrypting method. Read More

Converting legacy data to SAP

20 Nov 2002

I'm working on a HR project for Hershey Foods Corporation. One of my tasks is to load Legacy data from PeopleSoft into SAP. SAP has partnered with Annance Consulting to provide conversion tools/programs for ... Read More

Consolidated report from multiple payroll runs

20 Nov 2002

I am an ABAP developer. We are in the midst of implementing HR. We are having trouble getting payroll results. If we have multiple payroll runs in a given week, how do we get the all the results for the given week?... Read More

Can we encrypt a file before sending it to a bank?

06 Jul 2005

The DME is extracted from SAP into a text file. While there is a hash total, it is possible to modify the text file and recreate the hash total. Since this file is sent to the financial institution for disbursement... Read More