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Should we rebuild the ESS/MSS interface, or stick with SAP?

By Joshua Greenbaum 11 Oct 2005

Are you considering rebuilding the ESS/MSS interface instead of sticking with SAP? Learn what site expert Joshua Greenbaum has to say to a reader who is in this position. Read More

One-way hash encrypting/decrypting

07 May 2001

This program encrypts and decrypts a string using an 8 byte strong one-way-hash like encrypting method. Read More

Converting legacy data to SAP

20 Nov 2002

I'm working on a HR project for Hershey Foods Corporation. One of my tasks is to load Legacy data from PeopleSoft into SAP. SAP has partnered with Annance Consulting to provide conversion tools/programs for ... Read More

Consolidated report from multiple payroll runs

20 Nov 2002

I am an ABAP developer. We are in the midst of implementing HR. We are having trouble getting payroll results. If we have multiple payroll runs in a given week, how do we get the all the results for the given week?... Read More

Can we encrypt a file before sending it to a bank?

06 Jul 2005

The DME is extracted from SAP into a text file. While there is a hash total, it is possible to modify the text file and recreate the hash total. Since this file is sent to the financial institution for disbursement... Read More

Accommodate an absence in payroll as per the wage types

12 Mar 2004

How can we accommodate an absence in payroll as per the wage types? The reason is: we have full paid sick leave, but we want to deduct some allowances if the sick leave is more than 5 days per year. Read More