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Help with naming conventions

24 Jul 2007

Are there any good white papers to help us with our naming conventions so that the org structures and reporting make sense across the company? Also, how do I force compliance through validations or drop down menus? Read More

6. Standard address formats

08 May 2006

Learn the response to the sixth question in SearchSAP.com's exclusive CRM quiz. CRM expert Srini Katta designed this quiz to get you up to speed on business partner master data. Read More

Best practices for a full SAP HR implementation

08 Aug 2003

I'm new in the SAP environment. Could you point me to a best practices guideline for a full SAP HR implementation? I'm looking for the do's and dont's of SAP HR and how the modules connect. Read More

SAP customers talk IT strategy in '09 at Sapphire, part 3

20 May 2009

Wondering what projects other SAP customers are working on? Find out about Purdue Pharma's SAP HCM project in this video. Read More

Configuring SAP HR Payroll settings for retroactive accounting

By Sheryl Springer Middleton 08 Jul 2009

Find out where to locate retroactive accounting settings in SAP HR Payroll. Read More

Standardizing on SAP, Monsanto's roadmap

08 Aug 2007

Monsanto made SAP the system of record for its Global operations through an ERP roadmap, and got measurable ROI in the process. Read More