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Estimating the cost of poor data quality and customer data cleansing

By David Loshin 29 Apr 2010

Estimating the cost of poor data quality can be a challenge. Read our expert's tips for estimating value of customer data cleansing and know how much dirty data is costing your company. Read More

SAN for storage consolidation at Spencer's Retail

14 Sep 2009

ERP implementation requirements made Spencer's Retail opt for storage consolidation with a storage area network (SAN). We take a look at the initiative. Read More

Deploying big data software calls for more than idle talk

By Craig Stedman 10 Sep 2013

There's real value to be gained from big data projects, if organizations can get past all the hype and look at big data tools with a realistic eye. Read More

Language integration as a form of data integration

By Bill Inmon 10 Nov 2005

As corporations are realizing the value of integrated data, the importance of language integration is becoming evident. Read More

Database administration: DBA staffing considerations

18 Nov 2005

In this excerpt about database administration, read simple DBA staffing considerations before you decided how many database administrators you need. Read More

Survey shows SOX bringing IT, business together

16 Sep 2004

If you read between the lines of a recent survey of CIOs' top concerns, you may discover something profound -- more respect for IT. Read More

Making business transaction processing and applications work

By Philip Bernstein ,Eric Newcomer 04 Feb 2010

Learn about making business transaction processing work in your company, find tips on transaction processing applications and get transaction processing definitions. Read More

Compliance regulations bite into bottom line -- but for how long?

By Bill Brenner 31 May 2005

Now that most companies are meeting their compliance mandates, some wonder if IT security spending will take a hit. Read More

Transaction processing system examples and SOA approaches

By Philip Bernstein ,Eric Newcomer 04 Feb 2010

Learn about transaction processing systems, processing systems components, and different service-oriented architecture approaches including representational state transfer. Read More

Part 2: Activities specific to the Payroll instance

29 Sep 2005

Do you have SAP Payroll on a different system than SAP FI? Then your most critical concern is whether your systems communicate well. This handy checklist by SAP HR guru Brian Stewart walks you through the ... Read More