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Business intelligence and manufacturing case studies

10 Nov 2009

Selecting and implementing BI software can be a challenge, but many manufacturers have taken the plunge with profitable results. These manufacturing case studies show some of the many ways BI can be leveraged for ... Read More

Making the case for business intelligence in manufacturing

30 Apr 2009

If you're considering a business intelligence implementation project, you first need to build a BI business case. Learn how to calculate your business intelligence ROI and who should be involved in the ... Read More

IBM broadens compliance offerings

By Jim Rendon 06 Apr 2004

IBM addresses federal regulation compliance with products that span its software portfolio, including offerings for Lotus and Tivoli. Read More

Five compliance questions to ask your CEO

By Sarah Lourie 20 Oct 2005

To avoid SOX trouble, every CIO should ask these five questions -- and every CEO should answer them. Read More

Budgeting for compliance: Executive Guide

16 Aug 2005

The SearchCIO budgeting for compliance Executive Guide includes valuable resources and practical information and advice to help CIOs with planning and budgeting for compliance. Read More

Microsoft: We're 'changing the economics of business intelligence'

By Hannah Smalltree 09 May 2007

At its first BI conference, Jeff Raikes outlined Microsoft's business intelligence strategy, announced an acquisition and unveiled "Katmai," the next version of SQL Server. Attendees shared his excitement. Read More

Business intelligence software: Invest now or wait?

By Hannah Smalltree 03 Aug 2006

Should companies wait to invest in business intelligence software, due to a shifting landscape of consolidating vendors and converging technologies? Read More

Business intelligence market trends and expert forecasts for 2008

By Jeff Kelly 19 Dec 2007

The business intelligence software vendor landscape changed remarkably in 2007. Our BI experts make sense of all the recent action and offer BI predictions for 2008. Read More

Dependency Injection in Java EE 6: Conversations (Part 4)

13 May 2010

This series of articles introduces Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE (CDI), a key part of the Java EE 6 platform. Standardized via JSR 299, CDI is the de-facto API for comprehensive next-generation ... Read More

Using SQL Automatic Workload Repository to find Active Session History

By Karen Morton 19 May 2010

SQL expert Karen Morton explains how to use the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) in SQL to find the Active Session History (ASH) of a session. Read More