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For some companies, big data analytics is the norm

By Nicole Laskowski 19 Sep 2012

In this podcast, listen to Tagged.com's co-founder and CTO talk about the company's successes and struggles with big data analytics. Read More

IT, BI pros share their secrets to 'big data' analytics success

By Mark Brunelli 01 Dec 2011

Planning for exponential growth and getting business users involved early are two of the keys to a successful "big data" analytics initiative, according to IT professionals. Read More

Evolving Hadoop ecosystem presents new ways to program big data apps

By Jack Vaughan 02 Jul 2013

Change is on tap as Hadoop 2.0 spawns new development options. At Hadoop Summit 2013, the potential for big data innovation was vivid. Read More

Data science team building 101: Cross-functional talent key to success

By Jack Vaughan 15 Apr 2013

Two experienced data scientists offer tips on best practices for setting up data science teams and incorporating big data into data science programs. Read More

In-memory database caching helps AltEgo bring online avatars to life

By Mark Brunelli 09 May 2012

In-memory database caching technology is helping gamers take charge of their online identities. Read More

Structuring a big data strategy

19 Sep 2013

Complex data stores are a currency for organizations that can cut through the noise with a big data strategy that delivers quality business insights. Read More

Eckerson: 'Big data' analytics weighs a mix of the old and new

22 May 2012

In a video interview, business intelligence analyst Wayne Eckerson offers tips on using big data analytics software and related big data technology. He also gives his view of what big data really is. Read More

Wixom: BI applications need visual appeal

02 Apr 2013

Business intelligence teams should upgrade their visual design skills to create winning applications for BI users, says IT professor Barbara Wixom. Read More

Eckerson: Using Hadoop in 'big data' systems can pay off fast

13 Dec 2012

In a video interview, TechTarget's Wayne Eckerson discusses the benefits and challenges of deploying Hadoop-based systems in 'big data' environments. Read More

Business intelligence program needs long-term tending to fully blossom

28 Mar 2013

The evolution of Quicken Loans' business intelligence strategy from static reporting to self-service BI holds useful lessons for other organizations. Read More