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Security and Sarbanes-Oxley

25 Sep 2003

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed to restore public confidence in corporate governance. Quietly, however, the law may open channels of communication between CSOs and upper-level management concerned with the level ... Read More

Salaries for SOX accountants on the rise

By Linda Tucci 07 Jul 2005

Strong demand -- and short supply -- means experienced Sarbanes-Oxley accountants don't come cheap. Read More

Which emerging database technologies are right for your organization?

By Mark Brunelli 09 Dec 2010

Data management expert David Menninger explains what enterprises need to know about Hadoop, NoSQL and other emerging database technologies. Read More

How to build a BI business case in ERP environments

02 Dec 2009

Building a BI business case can be tough in any organization, but ERP-centric organizations have unique challenges they need to overcome. Read More

Change management: Reasons for change resistance

11 Jun 2007

Learn about IT change management, read about passive and active resistance and get 20 reasons why employees resist enterprise change. Read More

SAP launches water utility best practices add-on

By Robert Westervelt 06 Apr 2005

SAP is extending its utility industry ERP software, launching specific packages that address customer service and billing for water utility companies. Read More

How lean six sigma strategy can pave the way to lean government

09 Feb 2009

Lean six sigma isn't just for manufacturing anymore. In this podcast, learn how governments are adopting the strategy. Read More