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Change your polling interval

26 Jul 2005

Learn how to change your polling interval to make your Log Reader Agent and Distribution Agent read more frequently in this tip, one of 15 tips in 15 minutes. Read More

Letter #2: Managers need to better communicate and train

11 Jan 2006

IT managers must better communicate and train end users to make database troubleshooting easier for the DBA, according to this letter to the editor. Read More

Quick steps: Creating indexes using the Enterprise Manager

22 Jan 2006

Learn to create indexes using the Enterprise Manager in this book excerpt from MCAD/MCSD/MCSE Training Guide (70-229): SQL Server 2000 Database Design and Implementation. Read More

Dealing with nulls in SQL Server

13 Jun 2005

This tip helps you deal with nulls in SQL Server. Read More

Using Management Studio with the SQL Server Database Engine

06 Feb 2006

Learn how SQL Server Management Studio works in this excerpt from the book SQL Server 2005: A Beginner's Guide. Read More

Prevent updates, inserts and deletes from being replicated

26 Jul 2005

Business requirements may require that inserts, updates and deletes are not replicated. Find out how to prevent replication in this tip, one of 15 tips in 15 minutes. Read More

Step 6: Don't expose interfaces that create dynamic SQL to the end user

By Serdar Yegulalp 13 May 2005

Be careful not to create poisoned code when using dynamic SQL. Read More

Step 4: Probe remote services

By Chip Andrews 21 Mar 2005

Learn how to use the sc.exe tool to query the Service Control Manager of all machines in the domain looking for SQL Server instances in this SQL Server patch management guide. Read More

Undocumented DBCC: Report on settings with DBCC RESOURCE

By Serdar Yegulalp 28 Mar 2006

DBCC RESOURCE allows you to report back specifically on SQL Server internal settings rather than data structure information. Read More