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Bank of America exec touts the value of real-time data processing

By Mark Brunelli 20 Oct 2011

Businesses need to lose the "batch mentality" and focus instead on real-time data processing, according to one Bank of America IT executive. Read More

From the Editors: Oracle-vs.-SAP data quality vendor fight heats up

By Mark Brunelli 19 Oct 2011

Increased competition for data quality market share is brewing between enterprise software rivals Oracle and SAP, says Gartner. Read about that and other recent data management news. Read More

Trouble spots: 'Big data' pitfalls in the data warehousing process

By Alan R. Earls 25 Oct 2011

The growing volumes of "big data" that organizations are looking to store pose a variety of potential problems and issues for data warehousing teams. Read More

Gartner BI Summit: Wave the white flag on using Excel for business intelligence

By Craig Stedman 14 Apr 2010

Gartner analysts and BI Summit attendees said efforts to stop Excel business intelligence uses are futile. Read More

Transport Information Sheet Task 3: Populating a List Item

27 Feb 2006

This excerpt from Chapter 5 of the book Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services 2005 explains how to populate a list item. Read More

Converting logins after an upgrade

By Adam Machanic 14 Dec 2005

SQL Server 2005 expert Adam Machanic clarifies some misunderstandings about login conversion after an upgrade. Read More

SQL Server 2005 replication enhancements and discontinued features

By Jeremy Kadlec 18 Jul 2006

SQL Server 2005 offers significant replication enhancements, from secure passwords to full data type support. Edgewood Solutions' Jeremy Kadlec reviews the new enhancements as well as discontinued replication ... Read More

Problems running SQL Server 2000 RTM without service pack

By Eric Brown 07 Mar 2006

Business Intelligence expert Eric Brown helps troubleshoot database growth problems. Read More

FAQ: Creating and altering SQL Server tables

19 Jun 2007

Whether you want to select rows, move records, track activity or perform various other table-related tasks, this collection of frequently asked questions offers expert insights to help. Read More