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Delivering cloud-based mobile apps to the enterprise

By Ted Ritter 03 Apr 2011

Before cloud-based mobile apps take over your enterprise, consider the security, governance, MDM and application management issues of mobile cloud computing. Read More

SQL Server user-security checklist

By Mike Chapple 02 Mar 2005

Some actions to take to help keep SQL Server secure. Read More

Hardening SQL Server hardware

16 Mar 2005

There's more to hardening a server than limiting unintended access to the database. Barrie Sosinsky discusses strategies for hardening SQL Server hardware to ensure availability. Read More

Monitoring failed login attempts in SQL Server 2000

By Steven Andres 28 Jun 2006

As failed login error reporting is disabled by default in SQL Server 2000, Security expert Steven Andres details how to enable this function. Read More

Securing SQL Server data in the cloud: a few pointers

By Denny Cherry 10 May 2011

Few concerns swirling around Microsoft cloud computing are more consuming than securing SQL data in the cloud. Can it be done? Certainly, but it’s not to be taken lightly. Read More

Implementing C++ Windows authentication

By Greg Low 31 Mar 2006

SQL Server Development expert Greg Low explains how to implement C++ Windows authentication for users connecting to SQL Server 2000. Read More

Changing the 'SA' password on SQL Server 7.0 without old password

By Steven Andres 13 May 2006

SQL Server Security Expert Steven Andres explains how administrators of operating systems (OS) can change the 'SA' password on SQL Server 7.0 without the old password. Read More

SQL Server security made simple and sensible

By Don Jones 14 Oct 2009

The many layers of SQL Server security can be confusing. Learn to connect to SQL Server and retrieve data from databases, as well as the ins and outs of object ownership. Read More