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Testing Entity Beans

01 Jun 2006

This section covers techniques and strategies for testing your Entity Beans. Entity Beans come with their own special considerations and issues, because in addition to the bean classes and the test cases, you must ... Read More

Testing Inside the Container

01 Jun 2006

This article discusses how to use OpenEJB's container driven testing features to simplify and supercharge your EJB testing. Read More

Intercepting JNDI Filters

01 Nov 2008

This article presents a simple filtering framework to "intercept" JNDI operations and objects in a non-intrusive way (without code changes or the overhead of AOP systems). Read More

Panasonic introduces first rugged UMPC to sport Intel's Atom processor

02 Jul 2008

With its new CF-U1 rugged ultramobile PC (UMPC), Panasonic lets users take Vista on the go with a tiny form factor. Read More

Will 2004 bring an attack of the BlackBerry clones?

By Eric Parizo 02 Feb 2004

Though it could mean watching sales of its own devices slide, Research In Motion wants to provide users with more device choices via numerous third-party BlackBerry clones, which will debut in the coming months. Read More

Why Android malware protection is so important in the enterprise

By Sander van Vugt 24 Jan 2012

Just because an app came from the Android Market doesn’t make it safe. Devices have to have Android malware protection to keep phones and tablets shipshape and enterprise-ready. Read More

How to control enterprise tablet bandwidth consumption

By Lisa Phifer 08 Nov 2012

Tablets on your network can suck way more bandwidth than laptops. Prioritize tablet apps and use firewalls to control this bandwidth consumption. Read More

iPhone in the enterprise: Can it replace a BlackBerry?

17 Jul 2007

How will the iPhone fit in the enterprise? We challenged our expert to put the iPhone through a series of tests to see how well it integrates, whether it's manageable, and whether its email, calendar and contact ... Read More

How to use a stored procedure to fetch from ref cursor in Oracle

By Dan Clamage 05 Jan 2010

Oracle expert Dan Clamage explains how to use a stored procedure to fetch from a ref cursor in Oracle in this tip. Read More