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SQL Server's emerging rootkit threat

By Kevin Beaver 17 Oct 2005

No rootkit attacks have been documented against SQL Server to date – but they're coming. Contributor Kevin Beaver explains just how easily a hacker could take control of your database using a number of ... Read More

The top four ways to secure SQL Server

05 May 2004

Four of the top actions you should take to lock down your SQL Server. Read More

Get your SQL Server security goals in order

By Kevin Beaver 06 Feb 2008

Establishing SQL Server database security goals is only half the battle. Whether it's patching SQL Servers or setting long-term goals, such as periodic database security assessments, a plan must be in place before ... Read More

Top 10 SQL Server downloads

07 Aug 2006

From SQL Server security tools to developer utilities, check out SearchSQLServer.com's top 10 most popular downloads. Read More

KeePass Password Safe freeware tracks and stores passwords

By Serdar Yegulalp 04 May 2005

KeePass, an open-source/freeware project, is designed to help people manage and protect passwords of all kinds. Read More

Should developers have permissions to SQL Server production queue?

By Greg Low 06 Dec 2007

Should developers be granted permissions to production queue in a SQL Server environment? See why expert Greg Low suggests proc access by WITH EXECUTEAS. Read More

Enterprise mobile video conferencing: Benefits and drawbacks

By Irwin Lazar 25 May 2011

Enterprise mobile video conferencing is delivering new services that improve productivity and cut costs, but there are some limits to its usefulness. Read More

The best choice for enterprise IoT networking is Wi-Fi

By Craig Mathias 22 Dec 2014

The Internet of Things needs a secure, scalable network to succeed. Wi-Fi offers what IT requires for strong enterprise IoT networking. Read More

Gadgets and Gizmos '03

14 Nov 2003

Need more fun? Take a look at this year's assortment of gadget reviews. You'll love it. Trust us. Read More