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Clarifying user ID privileges

By Kevin Kline 04 Oct 2005

Few differences exist between a user ID with database administrator privileges versus a user ID with SQL Server administrator privileges. Monitoring and Administration expert Kevin Kline explains in this response. Read More

Recover password in SQL Server 2000

By Steven Andres 26 Mar 2007

I have forgotten my password root in SQL Server 2000. Is there some way to recover it without having to install SQL Server again? Read More

Securing IIS and SQL Server as part of an online platform

By Steven Andres 13 May 2006

Learn how to protect the platform between your database and the web beginning with keeping your DMZ machines as distant from your internal domain as possible. Read More

Database encryption in SQL Server 2008: Improvements you finally need

By Kevin Beaver 20 Jan 2010

Is TDE in SQL Server 2008 really the Holy Grail of database encryption features? Read More

Use data analytics to make better business decisions

By Jeff Kelly 05 Apr 2010

Listen to a Q&A with Accenture's Jeanne Harris and learn how to put data analytics to work in your organization. Read More

ICommerce Design Strategies

14 Aug 2009

GemStone has been in the distributed object world for well over a decade, first with Smalltalk and now with Java. This document and FoodSmart, the archetype J2EE application on the "Developer's Guide" CD1, are ... Read More

Java Protocol Handlers

01 Apr 2004

This paper describes for you everything you need to know to exploit the java.net.URL custom plug-in architecture. It covers the java.net.URL architecture and how different java.net package objects interact to ... Read More

Understanding Tomcat Security

01 May 2003

Misconfiguration and improper installation of web and application servers can be a serious problem and adversely affect the integrity of your web application and its components. 'Understanding Tomcat Security', ... Read More

Laptop care and repair

17 Aug 2006

Quick tips in assisting your employees with protecting your company owned laptops. Read More

Mobile technologies make it tougher to evade meter maids

By Jake O'Donnell 18 Feb 2015

One city in Oregon modernized its parking enforcement with mobile e-citation software on Samsung Galaxy devices, making it tougher to evade tickets. Read More