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Tree Oriented Perspective for Software Architecture and Design

01 Jun 2004

This is not a new framework to reduce your code, and by no means, a fully developed concept or a tool to be immediately used. At worst, its a wild thought, and at best, it might provide a new way to inspect your ... Read More

J2EE Project Management: Critical measures when beginning a J2EE project

01 Jan 2000

To be successful with a J2EE project, you must plan and understand a great deal beyond the technologies themselves. There are a wealth of project management challenges you must overcome, such as designing the ... Read More

Building Custom JSF UI Components

01 Aug 2005

One of the key strengths of JavaServer Faces (JSF) is that not only does it provide substantial technology for easy, out of the box component based J2EE Web applications assembly, but it also is a very flexible API... Read More

The JSF Flex Project

01 Sep 2008

The goal of JavaServer Faces Flex is to provide users capability in creating Flex components as normal JavaServer Faces components. This article will provide a quick overview of the project, a brief introduction of... Read More

Introducing Java PureFaces: A New JSF Framewor

01 Apr 2009

Java PureFaces is a layer on top of JSF that simplifies implementation. The article here is the aggregate of the blog posts that I have written on our blog. Read More

JSFTemplate Components

01 Aug 2007

Creating a component in JavaServer Faces is hard. The JavaServer Faces 2.0 EG recognizes the importance of making component authoring easier and has made it one of its top priorities. However, JSF 2.0 is too far ... Read More

Part 1 - Overview and Process

01 Dec 2003

Refactoring, a process and a set of techniques to reorganize code while preserving the external behavior, has gained popularity due to its practical value in creating agile code. Recently, aspect-oriented ... Read More

Implementing e-forms with Adobe LiveCycle Forms

01 Sep 2007

Most companies today use e-forms in some way or the other, ranging from the simple contact form with fields where customers can leave their e-mail address and a message, to complex multi-page forms incorporating ... Read More

Transforming Legacy Systems to J2EE Architecture

01 Feb 2007

This document is a living reference document for anyone involved in the design and architecture for organizations to transform their legacy systems to Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) based applications. Read More