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Laptop care and repair

17 Aug 2006

Quick tips in assisting your employees with protecting your company owned laptops. Read More

Mobile technologies make it tougher to evade meter maids

By Jake O'Donnell 18 Feb 2015

One city in Oregon modernized its parking enforcement with mobile e-citation software on Samsung Galaxy devices, making it tougher to evade tickets. Read More

Dell recalls faulty laptop batteries

By Kate Evans-Correia 16 Aug 2006

The world's largest maker of personal computers will recall 4.1 million notebook batteries because they can overheat and burst into flames. Read More

Rugged mobile devices must be more than durable in harsh environments

By Michael Morisy 13 Aug 2008

The durability of ruggedized mobile devices is only the first consideration for mobile managers with workers who take devices into hazardous environments. Connectivity, usability and portability are also important ... Read More

J2EE Design Patterns Applied: Patterns Applied to Manage Security

01 Jan 2003

This chapter excerpt introduces security patterns and their benefits throughout the design of a J2EE Web Banking Application. It defines the scope and requirements of this application, identifies relevant security ... Read More

Exploring J2EE Security for Applications using LDAP

01 Jan 2005

This article is loosely based on prototyping a number of J2EE applications constructs, such as servlets, EJB, MDB (Message-driven Beans) and JSP implemented using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for ... Read More

Java 2 Security

01 Apr 2004

This paper explores some of the internals of Java 2 security. We'll take an inside-out approach to exploring the important concepts and APIs: First we'll look at the high-level concepts that Java 2 security is ... Read More

Laptop security: How do you lock down something that won't keep still?

By Carol Hildebrand 03 Jun 2003

As more data walks out corporate doors on laptops, enterprises face a growing need to keep those devices safe. Read More

Letter to the Editors, October 21, 2003

21 Oct 2003

Every so often, one of our readers takes issue with something we've published, and writes in to tell us about it. Read More

Panasonic introduces first rugged UMPC to sport Intel's Atom processor

02 Jul 2008

With its new CF-U1 rugged ultramobile PC (UMPC), Panasonic lets users take Vista on the go with a tiny form factor. Read More