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Sharp shock for Linux

09 Dec 2003

Of the 11 million PDA sales, around 15% included wireless functionality, and that's set to double this next year. Of course the growth in wireless-enabled laptops, hotspots and general Wi-Fi hype is fueling ... Read More

iPhone in the enterprise: Can it replace a BlackBerry?

17 Jul 2007

How will the iPhone fit in the enterprise? We challenged our expert to put the iPhone through a series of tests to see how well it integrates, whether it's manageable, and whether its email, calendar and contact ... Read More

How to use a stored procedure to fetch from ref cursor in Oracle

By Dan Clamage 05 Jan 2010

Oracle expert Dan Clamage explains how to use a stored procedure to fetch from a ref cursor in Oracle in this tip. Read More

Oracle acquires data quality management software maker Silver Creek

By Ed Scannell 06 Jan 2010

By acquiring Silver Creek's data quality management software, Oracle fills a gaping hole in its data quality portfolio and takes a step toward offering a data quality stack solution. Read More

Java Pseudo Transactions With Non-Transactional Resources

01 Jan 2009

When working in enterprise environments, it is often necessary to interact with multiple resources in a single atomic unit of work – a distributed transaction. The ideal way to accomplish this is by ... Read More

Intro to Java Message Service 1.1

01 Jul 2002

This article illustrates how to program using the new features of the Java Message Service (JMS) 1.1 API. The new features in JMS 1.1 are demonstrated through a sample application. Read More

How to list rows with special characters in PL/SQL

By Dan Clamage 06 Jan 2010

Want to learn how to list rows with special characters in PL/SQL? Read this tip from our PL/SQL expert for advice on how to write a PL/SQL query using the translate, char or trunk functions. Read More

Intermec CK1

22 Dec 2005

Image and review of Intermec CK1 Read More

Motorola buys Symbol, users get greater flexibility

19 Sep 2006

After a few days of swirling rumors, Motorola today acquired Symbol Technologies, a move that will help users gain more flexibility in mobile device choice and support. Read More