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Symbol offers refreshing devices for field workers

By Jim Rendon 22 Apr 2004

Symbol has released a pair of rugged devices that offer WAN access to field workers far away from the office. The handheld maker also announced that Coca Cola will implement nearly 30,000 of its devices. Read More

Mobile data services -- A checklist of considerations

By Paul DeBeasi 21 May 2007

Analyzing and selecting a mobile data service can be a daunting task. This tip provides a checklist of the major factors to consider when evaluating mobile data services (GSM, CDMA and WiMAX). Read More

Using Hibernate3 as a JDBC frame

25 Aug 2004

There's been a certain amount of noise recently surrounding simple JDBC frameworks like iBATIS. I've liked the idea of iBATIS for use in applications which don't need an object-oriented domain model, and don't work... Read More

AspectWerkz 2.0: An Extensible Aspect Container

01 Nov 2004

In this article, Jonas Bonér introduces the new AspectWerkz 2.x architecture. AspectWerkz 2.x has been designed to be an extensible AOP container where any kind of aspects can coexist ranging from Spring ... Read More

Lincoln takes CRM on the road with SAP mobile

By Barney Beal 24 May 2006

With a rollout of SAP for Mobile Sales and a tablet PC deployment, Lincoln Electric transformed its sales system and processes. Read More

Eight ways Windows 8 and Kinect could revolutionize IT administration

By Greg Shields 09 Aug 2011

Microsoft Kinect has obvious implications for gaming, but a rumored integration with Windows 8 could mean big things for the future of IT. Read More

Your mobile strategy is always a moving target

By Craig Mathias 15 Sep 2009

IT managers are faced with the challenge of embarking on a mobile strategy while knowing that the evolution of the underlying technologies changes rapidly. Embarking on your mobile strategy now can give you the ... Read More

Mobile application strategy: Rich mobile platforms vs. mobile Web-based services

By Craig Mathias 21 Oct 2009

When deploying mobile applications to your mobile devices, there are two fundamental choices available: Rich mobile platforms or mobile Web-based services in the cloud. The first is native application execution ... Read More

Mobile device management: What can it do for your organization?

By Craig Mathias 17 Aug 2009

Mobile device management (MDM) is on the cusp of huge growth as mobile devices proliferate and IT controls need to be enforced. Mobile device management is multi-faceted and can include policy enforcement, ... Read More