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Spring Batch Overview

01 Nov 2007

Despite the growing momentum behind SOA and real-time integration, many interfaces are still flat file-based and therefore best processed through a batch mode. Nevertheless, there is no de facto or ... Read More

Extending Spring LDAP with an iBATIS-style XML Data Mapper

20 May 2008

Colin Lu explains how to use Spring's LDAP integration with an XML data mapper to make LDAP access from within Spring trivial. Read More

Building Websites with OpenCms

01 Sep 2004

We often have to work with CMS systems. OpenCms is an open source alternative, Packt has given TheServerSide Community a book chapter, and an exclusive article. The article explains the process of extending the ... Read More

What is the Asynchronous Web, and How is it Revolutionary?

01 Apr 2009

Legacy web applications are synchronous in nature. The user interacts with the web interface presented in the browser, the browser makes requests back to the server based on that user interaction, and the server ... Read More

Palm success, past and future, depends on developers

By Jim Rendon 11 Feb 2004

Amid growing competition from Microsoft and Symbian, the Palm organization is endorsing interoperability like never before. Experts say the OS-maker's freebie-focused strategy had made developing Palm applications ... Read More

Managed mobile services

30 May 2007

In this managed mobile services series, Dan Taylor examines managed services for device management, email, enterprise applications, and cellular telephony. It concludes with a best practices guide. Read More

Mobile oriented architecture: Making the case

16 May 2007

Mobile oriented architecture (MOA) has the potential to enhance mobile device interactions with back-office applications while easing the burden of deploying applications with existing mobile middleware. Read More

Interop 2007: Mobile highlights

By Craig Mathias 29 May 2007

Mobile and wireless highlights from Interop 2007 included mobile broadband, 4G, unified communications and convergence. Read More

SAP vs. Oracle

01 Mar 2006

The SAP vs. Oracle battle is as fierce as ever. Who will emerge victorious? In this face-off article, two prominent experts from SAP and Oracle make their respective cases. Read More