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Mobile device security

30 Mar 2006

Protect your company's mobile devices against potential threats and learn about the risks and discover how to protect your corporate assets. Read More

Does code generation matter to Java developers?

01 Apr 2004

If you haven't yet been bitten by the code generation bug, let me explain why I think code generation matters to Java developers. Read More

Java Doctor Book in Review and Community Contribution Project

01 Dec 2004

This chapter contains 10 action and pitfall tips. Action tips provide information about tool usage or techniques and how a tool can be ingeniously used to identify or solve a production issue. Read More

JDK 1.5 from Joshua and Neal

26 Aug 2004

Let's have three cheers for generics. Generics allow you to specify the element type of collection. Rather than specifying a List - you specify it's contents - i.e. String. It's basically stronger typing with ... Read More

Decompiling Classes, Replacing and Patching Core Java Classes

01 Apr 2004

The 'Decompiling Classes' chapter helps you determine when you would need to decompile your Java classes, provides a list of the popular decompilers and shows you how to decompile a class using JAD. It also looks ... Read More

Introducing the Business Intelligence Development Studio

16 Jul 2006

The Business Intelligence Development Studio (BI Dev Studio) provides a complete development environment for BI operations. Learn how BI Dev Studio works. Read More

Q&A: Getting the lowdown on Master Data Services for SQL Server

12 Oct 2010

With Master Data Services, Microsoft says it’s answered the call for a focused way of taking on Master Data Management. A company expert explains how and why it’s done that. Read More

Microsoft hypes BI, adds reporting tools for end users

By Robert Westervelt 09 Feb 2005

Microsoft is putting reporting tools into the hands of end users by adding features from newly acquired BI software vendor ActiveViews. But some DBAs say giving more power to the end users could cause problems. Read More

FAQ: DTS packages in SQL Server

26 Feb 2007

Since the release of SQL Server 2005, the spotlight has been on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) as it is the new and powerful ETL tool (short for extraction, transforming and loading). SSIS is making ... Read More

Decreasing the size of a datafile

By Eric Brown 07 Mar 2006

Business Intelligence expert Eric Brown offers advice on decreasing the size of a datafile. Read More