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Ralph Kimball vs. Bill Inmon approaches to data warehouse design

By William McKnight 16 Mar 2006

Learn about the debate between the Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon approaches to data warehouse design. Read More

Why data governance projects fail

By Rick Sherman 19 Dec 2006

Expert Rick Sherman discloses the top reasons why 90% of data governance projects are doomed for failure. Read his advice to make sure that your projects are not! Read More

Employee addresses missing from SQ01

21 Dec 2004

How can I create a query that will give me only those employees who do not have a subtype permanent address in Info Address, asks a reader? Use ABAP, says SAP HR expert Brian Stewart. Read More

Discover the power of DPF

05 Apr 2007

Learn the basics of how a digital personnel file (DPF) can be used. Read More


20 Nov 2002

I hear that HR ABAP development is different that ABAP development in the other modules. Is that true and how much of a learning curve is there? Read More