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Microsoft, IBM, others team up on enterprise content management standard

By Jeff Kelly 15 Sep 2008

A group including Microsoft and IBM has developed an enterprise content management standard that could simplify the sharing of unstructured content. Read More

Despite hype, carriers yet to support dual-mode

19 Aug 2005

Vendors are preparing for the coming wave of dual-mode phones that use Wi-Fi and cellular, but carriers have yet to join the party, which could slow enterprise adoption. Read More

3G iPhone fast but lacks management tools mobile enterprises need

10 Jun 2008

The new iPhone has third-party support and the faster 3G network, but enterprise mobile managers still need better security and management tools before they can risk a wide deployment. Read More

Nokia's NAVTEQ buy adds navigation, LBS

03 Oct 2007

Nokia's acquisition of NAVTEQ could bring navigation and location-based services to the enterprise. Read More

Symbol MC50

22 Dec 2005

Image and review of Symbol MC50 Read More

eXo Platform, reloaded...

01 Aug 2004

The objective of this paper is to describe the process that an open source software development team has to follow when the kernel design is stable and only the application built on top of it has to be developed or... Read More

JavaOne2007 Coverage

01 May 2007

Learn about the in-depth coverage and analysis of important technologies discussed at this year's JavaOne, including informative write-ups of keynote presentations, technical sessions and conversations with vendors... Read More

Unit-Testing Hibernate With HSQLDB

01 Apr 2005

Unit-testing should have as few barriers as possible. For relational databases those barriers range from external dependencies to speed to keeping the relational schema synchronized with your object model. For ... Read More