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Mobile data technologies -- done right -- can make your company more agile and competitive

21 Sep 2005

Some basic concepts and valuable tips for productively and securely implementing technologies for wireless Internet access. Read More

Enterprise mobile development begins with business needs

By James Furbush 26 Apr 2013

Successful mobile app development depends on numerous factors, but business needs should take precedence. Read More

CTIA offers new speed for the road warrior

By Jonathan B. Spira 26 Mar 2004

This week's CTIA Wireless 2004 show in Atlanta brought the promise of new speed and applications to the road warrior. Read More

How CloudGateway works to enable enterprise mobility

By Matt Kosht 22 Apr 2013

Through its CloudGateway product, Citrix offers an enterprise app store, app wrapping tools and more to help organizations and their users go mobile. Read More

TheServerSide at JavaOne 2005 - Day 4

09 Jun 2005

Day Four at JavaOne includes a case study on handling rapidly changing load characteristics, and the web framework shootout. Read More

Rethinking JSF - The Real Problem

01 Apr 2007

JSF - JavaServer Faces, JCP's component framework for the presentation layer - has had a long and fairly controversial road so far. There's still a lot of dislike floating around for it, as you can see on various ... Read More

Book Chapter: Hibernate in Action: Practical Object/Relational Mapping

11 May 2006

Hibernate in Action is both an introduction to the theoretical aspects of automated object/relational mapping and a practical guide to the use of Hibernate. The extensive example code implements an online auction ... Read More

Direct Ajax - Goodbye to Ajax Deadly Sins

01 Oct 2008

A tech lead was assigned to enrich his company's "Expense Claim" application with Ajax technologies. At first, he planned to deliver the application in 3 months, but it wound up taking him 6 months. Here are some ... Read More

AJAX JSF Frameworks Review

01 Oct 2006

This review gives a summary on current commercial JSF Frameworks that use Ajax to update the website. The frameworks Icefaces, Netadvantage and Quipukit will be compared by analyzing specific components to each ... Read More