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Ajax in Action excerpt: The Page as an Application

01 Aug 2005

Ajax applications can contain much more client-side code than a standard web application, and hence benefit much more from the order that patterns and refactoring bring. Chapter 4 of Manning's Ajax in Action is the... Read More

Wi-Fi Handbook: Building 802.11b Wireless Networks

31 Aug 2004

Wi-Fi Handbook: Building 802.11b Wireless Networks" describes how wireless technologies meet or exceed the performance parameters of wired last-mile networks. Read More

How an identity management system can improve mobile security

By Craig Mathias 19 Feb 2013

With an identity management system, IT professionals can manage and keep track of who's accessing the network and what services they're trying to use. Read More

A lesson from Paris

By Eric Parizo 01 Mar 2005

For a rich and beautiful hotel heiress, Paris Hilton's had it rougher than you might think. News Editor Eric B. Parizo explains why and the lessons you can learn from her folly. Read More

Mobile application security best practices: Leveraging MDM, MAM tools

By Lisa Phifer 03 Oct 2011

Following mobile application security best practices can aid IT's mobile application management efforts and mitigate the risks of employees installing mobile apps on their devices. Read More

Motorola Good offers smartphone users NOC-based VPN

By Shamus McGillicuddy 01 Jun 2008

Motorola Good Mobility Suite 6.0 offers smartphone users secure connections to all applications behind the firewall and beefs up its mobility management features. Read More

Medical transcription service group addresses standards, practices

11 Dec 2009

A new group aims to improve medical transcription service by setting common standards and practices for the creation and sharing of dictated patient notes. Read More

When to use data replication

02 Mar 2005

Data replication can be tricky, but there are some situations when using it can be beneficial. Get several reasons to use SQL Server replication. Read More