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How to control enterprise tablet bandwidth consumption

By Lisa Phifer 08 Nov 2012

Tablets on your network can suck way more bandwidth than laptops. Prioritize tablet apps and use firewalls to control this bandwidth consumption. Read More

Effective Enterprise Java: Preface, State Management

01 Oct 2004

This excerpt from the book Effective Enterprise Java discusses such items as: using HTTPSessions sparingly, using object-first persistence to preserve your domain model, using relational-first persistence to expose... Read More

Bitter EJB Review Project

11 May 2006

Building on his earlier success with the book Bitter Java in which he established antipatterns as a serious field for Java developers, Bruce Tate continues in Bitter EJB the exploration of antipatterns, or common ... Read More

What's New in EJB 2.1

01 Jul 2002

The first public draft of the Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1 specification was released on June 19th, 2002. The spec is only in draft, and not final, so remember: the specification will almost certainly change! There, I ... Read More

EJB 2.1 adds new functionality to EJB QL: Monson-Haefel's Guide to Enterprise JavaBeans

01 Nov 2002

This fifth installment of Richard Monson-Haefel's column looks at how EJB 2.1 has addressed certain shortcomings in the EJB query language (EJB QL) with the addition of several new functions and an ORDER BY clause.... Read More

Simplifying EJB Development with EJB 3.0

01 Oct 2004

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) was introduced for building distributed components. When it arrived it came with a promise to solve all issues and complexities of CORBA. EJB being the heart of J2EE went through several ... Read More

EJB 2.1 Web Services: Part 1: Monson-Haefel's Guide to Enterprise JavaBeans

01 Aug 2002

The second installment of Richard Monson-Haefel's "Guide to Enterprise JavaBeans" provides a high-level primer on Web services, then goes on to an overview of JAX-RPC and the new EJB endpoint interface. Read More

Skin Emax - An XML/XSLT Architecture for the Web

01 Apr 2003

The challenge of providing different views of the same data is becoming a more common requirement of web-based applications. This requirement can surface in varying degrees during the inception and elaboration ... Read More

Extending Spring LDAP with an iBATIS-style XML Data Mapper

20 Mar 2008

This article explains how to extend Spring-LDAP with an iBATIS-style XML Data Mapper to access LDAP data through intuitive JavaBean operations. Read More

Spring Batch Overview

01 Nov 2007

Despite the growing momentum behind SOA and real-time integration, many interfaces are still flat file-based and therefore best processed through a batch mode. Nevertheless, there is no de facto or ... Read More