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Sharing SSAS cube data in SharePoint with PerformancePoint Server 2007

By Mark Kromer 23 Mar 2009

Microsoft PerformancePoint Server 2007 turns SQL Server Analysis Services cube data into scorecards and dashboard applications that can be read company-wide in Microsoft SharePoint. Read More

Loading data into a Master Data Services repository

By Denny Cherry 15 Apr 2010

Configuration is an important first step for setting up Master Data Services. But what about loading the data? Here is the step-by-step process for R2. Read More

"Mobile Computing," Chapter 4: Emerging technologies

21 Sep 2006

This chapter covers Bluetooth, RFID, WiMax-802.16, Mobile IP, IPv6 and Java Card. Read More

New Samsung Android devices take on iOS for enterprise mobility

By James Furbush 04 Mar 2013

Samsung wants to displace Apple and BlackBerry for enterprise mobility, but adoption of its new devices could be hindered by their use of Android. Read More

Microsoft bringing out the big guns for WP7 marketing: News in brief

By James Furbush 06 Jan 2012

Microsoft and Nokia hope to knock the iPhone and Android off their pedestals with a reported $200 million marketing campaign. Plus: news on Oracle’s Android lawsuit and more. Read More

CIOs hit roadblocks in deploying mobile device apps

By Shamus McGillicuddy 16 Mar 2006

Deploying mobile apps beyond the standard isn't getting any easier. The problem, say experts, is that mobile software developers need to work more directly with the businesses. Read More

The 2006 Mobile Impact Award winners

13 Oct 2006

The prestigious Mobile Impact Awards honor leading enterprises for successful and innovative deployments of mobile enterprise solutions that successfully balance technology investments with business objectives. Read More

Nokia's Wibree vs. Bluetooth as PAN of choice

16 Oct 2006

John Shepler explains Wibree, Nokia's new Personal Area Network initiative. Read More

Mobile security policy useless if not enforced

11 Oct 2006

Strong mobile policies have become necessary to ensure mobile security. But security policies aren't worth the paper they're printed on if they're not enforced. Read More

SMS phishing is here

06 Sep 2006

Phishing attacks are no longer limited to email. Recently, researchers uncovered phishing scams using SMS, and mobile experts say enterprises should be wary of these so-called SMiShing scams. Read More