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Toad 10: Good for database developers, good for administrators

By Frank Ohlhorst 23 Feb 2010

A major strength of Toad 10 is its ability to serve both Oracle database application developers and administrators equally well. Read More

Codeless AJAX development improves Alpha Five V10 for the Web

By Frank Ohlhorst 23 Feb 2010

By adding a form of codeless AJAX development, Alpha Software lets V10 developers create Web-based apps with richer user interface controls. Read More

BlackBerry outage cuts off millions

18 Apr 2007

BlackBerry mobile email suffered a massive outage, preventing BlackBerry users from sending and receiving emails. Read More

Can I copy table data with unlike primary keys from Table1 to Table2?

By Dan Clamage 20 Jan 2010

Oracle PL/SQL expert Dan Clamage explains two methods for copying table data from table1 to table2 when the tables have different primary keys in this expert tip. Read More

The last resort for troubleshooting hardware resource conflicts

By Brien Posey 26 Nov 2007

Brien Posey explains how to use the Windows Device Manager to manually reallocate system resources. Be careful, though, or you may be forced to reinstall Windows from scratch. Read More

An Approach to Web Services Non-Functional Requirements Using WSDL Annotations

01 Apr 2006

Web Services play a key role in implementing service-oriented architecture (SOA). The notion of describing the service independent of the technology in which it has been implemented has been robustly captured in ... Read More

Role of Testing in Agile Projects

01 Jul 2006

For those of you "up" on your agile practices, it should come as no surprise that testing is an oft-talked about subject. However, it is often an overloaded term, implying you need to get at the meat of the details... Read More

Security software for Linksys WAP

31 Aug 2005

Lisa Phifer offers her advice about security software for a Linksys Wireless-G access point. Read More

Wireless A-Z

By Craig Mathias 24 Aug 2005

Cellular wireless WAN technology means that IT pros have a new set of acronyms to learn. Read More

RIM confirms BlackBerry application store will launch in March

22 Oct 2008

Research In Motion (RIM) confirmed Tuesday that it will create an online marketplace for BlackBerry applications similar to Apple's App Store for the iPhone. Dubbed the Read More