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Excelero NVMesh 1.1

By Carol Sliwa 11 Feb 2018

Startup's NVMesh software virtualizes nonvolatile memory express-based storage and lets applications access pooled storage resources at high speed and low latency. Read More

Formula 1 goes digital

08 Aug 2017

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we find out how Formula 1 chief Ross Brawn hopes to make the sport more digital to enhance the fan experience of Grand Prix racing. We learn how virtual reality is being used to ... Read More

CIO Trends 2018 #1: Australia/New Zealand

19 Dec 2017

Many Australian organisations are demonstrating resilience in the face of change by cutting through the hype and building new technological capabilities that have transformed their organisations. This e-guide ... Read More

Researchers find trove of 1.4 billion credentials

By Warwick Ashford 12 Dec 2017

Security researchers have discovered what is believed to be the largest aggregate database found in the dark web to date, prompting fresh calls for improved identity management Read More

Kubernetes 1.9 release matures, but devil's in the details

By Beth Pariseau 11 Dec 2017

Kubernetes 1.9 shows the container orchestration platform is ready for enterprise production, its creators have said. Its users, however, still grapple with technical aspects. Read More

Dell EMC’s IoT revenue in APAC surpasses $1bn

By Aaron Tan 15 Feb 2018

The milestone in Dell EMC’s internet of things revenue underscores the APAC region’s rapid uptake of sensors and other IoT devices in industries and smart city projects Read More

3, 2, 1, GDPR: How to be prepared on 25 May

By Omer Tene 05 Feb 2018

There are seven key areas organisations should review to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, and even though the deadline is less than four months away, it is still not too late to start Read More

Hackers use ATM jackpotting technique to steal $1M in US

By Madelyn Bacon 02 Feb 2018

News roundup: Hackers used ATM jackpotting attacks to steal over $1M in the U.S. Plus, a fitness tracking app accidentally exposed the locations of military bases, and more. Read More

€7.1m EU Data Pitch accelerator recruits 18 startups

By Brian McKenna 01 Feb 2018

Startups from the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Estonia, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania and the Netherlands join an EU-funded accelerator programme involving the Open Data Institute Read More