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Acronis Storage 2

By Paul Crocetti 11 Feb 2018

Acronis' data protection and software-defined storage product features CloudRAID and Notary with blockchain, and is used as a back end for Acronis cloud offerings. Read More

(ISC) 2

(ISC)2 is a nonprofit membership association that offers a wide portfolio of educational materials that are part of a holistic approach to cybersecurity.Read More

Prepare for Y2K style Meltdown strategy

By Cliff Saran 19 Feb 2018

The days of fixing the date bug in legacy systems may be long gone, but IT now has as much of an effort mitigating the Spectre/Meltdown processor flaw Read More

Enterprise voice technology makes inroads in B2E, B2B2C

By Alan R. Earls 18 Dec 2017

Enterprise voice applications are coming, and businesses that have already deployed them are improving customer satisfaction, employee productivity and efficiency. Read More

EC2 features aim at network, performance improvements

By David Carty 30 Jan 2018

AWS users have a green light to rev the full bandwidth potential of a particular instance. AWS removed its 5 Gbps limit and improved performance for network connections to and from Elastic Compute ... Read More

Rubrik Datos IO RecoverX 2.0 (formerly Datos IO RecoverX 2.0)

By Paul Crocetti 11 Feb 2018

Rubrik performed well on the innovation front with its Datos IO RecoverX 2.0. Judges praised the software's semantic deduplication and eventually consistent data backup. Read More

Nordic banks face digitisation decisions over PSD2

By Eeva Haaramo 04 Jan 2018

With the latest version of the EU payment services directive coming into force, traditional Nordic banks can’t afford to slow their digital transformations Read More

VMware Cloud Foundation 2.3 adds automation, improves flexibility

By Alastair Cooke 14 Feb 2018

New VMware Cloud Foundation 2.3 features, such as vRealize Automation and a self-service catalog, increase flexibility and make it easier to run a hybrid cloud. Read More

Uber breach affected 2.7 million Britons

By Alex Scroxton 29 Nov 2017

Last year’s data breach, which saw the details of 57 million accounts compromised, affected about 2.7 million accounts in the UK Read More

DataCentred episode revives 2e2 lessons

By Simon Quicke 31 Aug 2017

The collapse into administration of DataCentred has reminded some in the channel of 2e2 and the need for customers to reduce exposure to one supplier Read More